How to make Easter Eggs

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Before the Easter weekend, I made a decision to ensure the kids were entrenched into Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection.

We were going to spend lots of time in church—the kids will have an excellent Children’s programme, Nicole will get to watch the Easter Drama, and for bedtime stories, we will tell the Good Friday story and Jesus’ resurrection.

I thought we should be covering it pretty well, until Nicole asked me on Thursday night,

“Are we going to make Easter Eggs? Do you know how to make Easter eggs?


Wooooah! Without skipping a beat, I shot back,

“Of course darling! I know how to make Easter eggs, and we will make them TOMORROW!”

Now, for those who don’t know my artistic background… here goes:

  • I can’t draw a straight line.
  • I don’t know how to use the scissors properly.
  • I have difficulty colouring within the lines.

My earliest art rejection was at Pri 4.

I crumpled up a sheet of notepad paper, and used it to write a thank-you note to one of Mum’s friends. I thought it looked really cool and had the crumpled effect. Well, it was crumpled alright. Mum rejected it, thinking I used something from the bin!


Oh Man! What was I thinking?

I’ve NEVER in my ENTIRE life made an Easter egg…

Is this going to be the moment when the kids’ image of their perfect mummy would come crashing down?

I knew this day would come… but surely not over an Easter Egg?!?!??

On Friday, I tried to sleep in. Didn’t work, cos my little alarm clock rang in my ears:

MUMMY, time to buy eggs! We’re going to make Easter eggs RIGHT?”

We went to the market, and there was absolutely no way to try to forget buying those eggs. Nicole went on and on, and Nathan caught on, and started asking about eggs too! Thank God Nadine can’t really talk yet…!

Back home, I decided to do a Martin Yan ala Rachael Ray show.

#1: Put Eggs in the pot gently

Step 1




#2: Add Water

Step 2

#3: Put the eggs to dry



#4: Draw. (No turning back. Those are permanent markers. Can’t say I don’t know. Can’t give up. Can’t pass markers to daddy)




What do you think? Can pass? Well, kids think they are LOVELY and they taste GREAT too! 🙂


… phew …

Parenting Tip: Don’t underestimate what you can do! Kids just love it when we do something different with them… you don’t need to be an expert in that field =)

btw… I took the easy way out with Markers cos I was not so sure if postal colour paint works on egg?!?! Anyone knows?

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