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ED married his college sweetheart in 2001, and just when things were settling down, he embarked on his journey as a parent in June 2005.  Growing up, ED was never good with children, and starting a blog about his kids, was the last thing on his mind. However, things changed through time   Even Mummy has started blogging, and you can find her at Mum’s the Word! (http://www.mumseword.com) Besides writing about Parenting, ED is a Pro-family activist. He holds positions and performs duties such as:

  • Best Parenting Blog at Influence Asia 2016 (Singapore Parenting Category)
  • Licensed Solemnizer with the Registry of Marriages Singapore
  • Invited by the Minister of Information, Communication and the Arts Singapore to be a member of the Media Literacy Council.
  • Trained Facilitator with Focus on the Family for modules from Infant to Teens
  • Invited by the Ministry of Education to be a panel speaker at MOE Excel Fest 2013 on Parenting in the 21st Century.
  • Speaker at Media Development Authority (MDA) “Safer Internet Day 2013” held in conjunction with International Safer Internet Day.
  • Panel Speaker at Singapore Parenting Congress 2016 and 2017
  • More than a decade of experience training and counseling Teens and Youth at Risk.
  • Delivered Lectures at Nanyang and Temasek Polytechnic on Social Media.

ED Unloaded has worked with organizations like ShellJulia GabrielI love ChildrenUFamily. He has went on sponsored trips with Hong Kong DisneyLandClub MedDarwin Australia with SilkAir, and South Korea together with Chan Brothers and Korean Tourism. He has also worked with numerous PR companies like Ogilvy. Edmund has also appeared on Channel 8 News, to give his views on Parental Controls.

moe excel fest

In 2015, Edmund was invited to speak to Parents, at the Ministry Of Education’s Cyber Wellness Conference. The aim of the talk is to help parents become aware of the need for hands-on Parenting, in the Internet age.

MOE cyber wellness

Through Blogging, Nathan has even had a chance to become a male model! 🙂

Edunloaded Media

Here are some of the videos and work that we have done with corporations like POSB Channel U and Shell. For more information, you can go over to our Media Tab.

Edmund from Ed Unloaded on Channel 8 News and Channel U

shell fuel save

Tips on Saving Fuel

The growth of the blog today would not have been possible without the addition of his 3 lovely children. They have brought countless joy and smiles to both ED and his wife. Introducing N1:


Nicole was born on June 19, 2005. Besides having the same birthday as her father, Nicole has the inevitable task of being one of the leading actress on this blog! However, she seems to have a passion for the limelight, and she is always ever-ready for Daddy to ‘snap’ a picture of her.

zz21164- 70

Nathan was born on 6 Feb, 2007. We wanted No. 2 really quick, as we wanted them to be close. After having Nathan, we realized that boys are very different from girls, and we could tell the differences in their character almost immediately. Nathan is the strong silent type, with a charming personality, them seems to melt our heart every time.

nathan wit bible

Nadine was born on 15 April, 2008. Affectionately know as “Mei-Mei” (Little sister), she is a real “sweetie” of the family. She seems to be speaking the fastest, and has a real passion for music. She dances by herself when she hears her favorite melody, and she is also the most “Smiley” of all of our children. Hopefully, she will continue to bring joy where ever she goes! 🙂


And together…they are my family! We are not perfect, and we all come in different sizes! The best thing about this family, is that we enjoy being around each other, and we believe in having fun!

ed family

Being a Parent is never easy, and as they say, it takes a village to raise a child. Through Parenting and blogging about our journey, we have made many friends along the way. We have enjoyed networking with many various organizations and meeting many other parenting bloggers along the way.

It has certainly been an unforgettable journey, and we hope that you will enjoy reading about our adventures! 🙂

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