Listerine Bloggers Dare

Do you guys like going to the Dentist?!?

Well, I assume that many of you are just like me…and we don’t really fancy a trip to the dentist. It is like a necessary evil that we must all put up with…Just like eating your vegetables…:)

Recently, ED Unloaded was sent voluntarily by our friends at Listerine to experience better Oral hygiene for himself.

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This was definitely an unnerving experience for this Daddy Blogger, as the Dentist spent at least 10mins “jabbing” at his teeth, as ED underwent a Gingivitis test. Gingivitis is a gum disease which is found in 85% of adults (Yes…I am referring to almost everyone!) and if left untreated, it will weaken your gums and teeth)

As Gingivitis is reversible through good Oral care habits, I will be undergoing the Listerine Blogger Challenge to demonstrate how Listerine can help reduce this gum disease.

Dentist also gave me 3 Quick Tips in order to improve your Oral Hygiene:

listerine oral care

Yes…It is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss them at least once. And lastly follow through with Listerine Mouth Wash, to clean the “untouched” areas.

It might sound like a tedious exercise, but I say…

“No Pain, No Change”

Well, If you have not gotten hold of any bottles of Listerine to help  improve your oral hygiene….Do not despair…

listerine total care

As part of the Blogger Challenge, Visit the Listerine Blogger Microsite and Register for a FREE BOTTLE OF Listerine Total Care.

Yes…That’s RIGHT…


And more Importantly…Do Show me your Love!

As it is a Blogging Competition, your support will be greatly appreciated during this time.

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All these acts of love, will bring me closer to a $5000 dollar prize for my whole family!

Check out the kids! They are all ready to make the change in their lives as well, and brush their way to success as well! 🙂

listerine bloggers dare

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