Giveaway: Doctor for a day!

One of the most sought after events for Parents is back! "Doctor for a Day" with Mount Elizabeth is coming up on 7th December Sunday! From birth, everyone wants their kids to become a doctor or a lawyer! And there is no better way for kids to be introduced to the world of medicine, than by having … Continue reading

A Tablet built for kids!

Are your kids addicted to their tablets? This is one of the most pressing questions that every Singaporean parent faces, and I think that it is interesting to note that Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, limits the screen time that his kids have with technology. No one wants their kids addicted to … Continue reading

JJ’s Science Adventure

Growing up, I used to devour comics weekly!  As a boy, I used to prefer playing with my toys, rather than curling up with a good book. In order to overcome this problem, my Mum introduced me to Marvel and DC comics, and every week I got to buy a new one after my music classes. With their bright … Continue reading