Top 3 Ways to Impress your Wife: Yoon Salon

Have you heard of the phrase: A Happy Wife, A Happy life? After being married for 19 years, this phrase is definitely something which I subscribe to. I strongly believe that your wife makes the home, a living heaven or a living hell. Therefore, it is important to keep your lady happy and the sparks flying at home.

Therefore, a hot topic for any husband should be “Top 3 ways to impress your wife”.  If you can impress her, love her and keep her smiling, the effects will just simply be blissful and your marriage be strengthened.

As every missus is different and has varying preferences, my advice will be to best observe and take note of her likes/dislikes before you embark on your “Impress your wife” project. With the easing of Covid-19 measures, I decided to pen out what I can do to really score points with my soulmate. With this disclaimer in mind, here are my Top 3 ways to impress your wife. (Do take note that they are not listed in any level of importance).

Top 3 ways to impress your wife

1. Write her a Poem/Letter/Song

Besides the flowers and chocolates that you have been showering her with, the poem or song option is a new challenge unlocked for most Asian men.

The good or bad thing about my second-half is that she feels that flowers are a waste of money. Naturally, I have no complaints if she feels that way (pumping fist in jubilation). Since writing a poem or a song is definitely much easier on the pocket.

However, for those of us who are creatively challenged like myself, do turn to your best friend, the Google for help. Before my wife accused me of plagiarism, I did inform her that I was inspired by other writers. Nevertheless, if you take the time to write and make your wife feel she is the most important woman in your life with your words, the pure essence of each prose will score points.

For aspiring poets, my advice is to start off small and with short paragraphs. With subsequent attempts, one can only get better! Some say it is a “cheesy” cheap Hollywood attempt at romance, but unless your wife has a dislike for bold outbursts of affection, you will always find yourself landing safely in her good books with a poem, letter or a song! ?

yoon hair makeover

2. Hair Makeover at Yoon Salon

My wife does not visit any Hair Salons regularly as hair makeovers tend to be pricey. So getting one’s hair styled, colored and treated, is a premium surprise that any woman will enjoy. Furthermore, if the hubby pays the bill, I am sure that this gift will be a great game play for any husband. Therefore, number 2 on my list is a premium Hair makeover, perm, color treatment… the full works!

We do not have a regular salon that we patronize. Hence, we were open to consider what one of our friends recommended. Yoon Salon was brought up and we decided to do a quick google to check them out first. We saw many good reviews online and were impressed with the services offered and their competitive pricing.

Tipping the scales to their favor, YOON has 3 centrally located outlets to get your hair makeover. These locations include Midpoint Orchard, Queensway and Havelock. The easily accessible outlets are easy to find and they resolve transportation issues. They also ensure that I can efficiently expedite my next pointer (Do read on to find out my last pointer to impress your partner).

If you want to do more, and not just drop her off at the salon, there are many things we husbands can do, to make the salon trip more special. The salon’s website is a gem! It is packed with information for noobs like me, and has easy to read tips that we can offer to our wives.

For example, you can suggest a new hairstyle makeover after researching on the right hair dye, understanding the differences between a hot and cold perm and further analysing which haircut suits your spouse’s face shape. As a side note, a special interest to me personally, were the 3 reasons why scalp care is vital. This is a key concern as I get older.

And not forgetting, a big plus factor for me is their pricing. You can try one session at $28 by clicking on the trial button on their website, which means that it is wallet-friendly too! 😉

yoon salon

I am thinking of bringing my best-mate for the trial soon and I might get her to try out their Premium Hair Rebonding. The service that she favors is Straight Rebonding as she is constantly fussing over her curly hair. Guess what, I clicked on the link and it says 1 rebonding session for $28 only. Hey! Sounds like an offer too good to pass as I know that rebonding services are usually more on the pricey side! ?


3. Feed her with her favorite Food

My wife is a real foodie, so this is a sure tip that will win her heart. After her premium makeover at YOON, I have planned to bring her on a foodie adventure.

Every spouse is different, so if your spouse has a liking for Michelin starred restaurants or for just a tub of durians or ice cream, bring her for it! Remember to always tailor your food adventure according to her palate.

Currently, my missus is really into hawker food. So, on a normal weekend, we do scout the island for makan places lost and found. To make the date special, I will not be bringing her from hawker centre A to hawker centre B, but my best alternative will be a food escape to her favorite zi char restaurant.

Whatever your spouse’s preference, the idea is to make it her day! From the words that we speak (through a poem/song), to a premium hair makeover and a gastronomic adventure, the heart of the matter lies in the fact that we want her to feel valued and special. Do feel free to modify any of my pointers, as every spouse is different. As long as one sticks to the heart formula, your special date will make a valuable deposit into strengthening any marriage. 


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