Broadway Musical MaMa Mia! is in Singapore

The Broadway Musical Hit “Mama Mia” is back in town! Based on all your favorite ABBA songs, this musical will get you off your seats and jiving to the evergreen songs of this Swedish Pop Group. 

mama mia musical

Having thrilled over 65 million people worldwide, this musical has been so well-received that it has evolved into 2 Hollywood movies.  I first watched the musical “Mama Mia’ while I was on holiday in London, and the show continues to draw me back, whenever the show hits the theatres locally.

Musical Theater Tips

If you are a theater newbie, this musical will be an easy introduction to theatre. Image a young bride-to-be who invites three men to her upcoming wedding. The magic sauce to this invitation is that all three men could be her father! The show is about how the young bride “Sophie” tries to solve this paternal mystery. Peppered with ABBA songs in between, the dance, songs and humor is guaranteed to lighten up any date night and leave one with many fun memories of the show.

Btw, if you are theater fanatic, check out the infographic for some fun facts about Mama Mia

On the Opening night of “Mama Mia”, we saw many other theatre-goers who are fans of the show, as they came ready to dance and sing, even before the curtains were raised. I have watched the musical  before with my wife, but the show was much sweeter this time, as we got to enjoy it with our eldest daughter. Naturally, she belted out the chorus to Dancing Queen much louder than before, as she felt the lyrics of the songs when it went … “You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen”… Yes… It’s always good to be 17.   

Playing for a limited time only at Marina Bay Sands, the Musical Mama Mia will be running from now till Nov 5. Click on to Marina Bay Sands Singapore to get your tickets and jive the night away with your friends.

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