Geniebook Review

Tution has gone to a whole new level in recent years, thanks to a new breed of educators like Geniebook, that offers the ability to learn online. With their revolutionary, AI-personalised worksheets designs to assist with a child’s weakest topics available on demand, they are transforming how Primary and Secondary students can learn in a revolutionary new way.

For many of us tuition formed a big part of our childhoods growing up. It was common to rush home after school to prepare before the tutor’s arrival, or to hurry to the tutor’s home/centre for classes. But the tuition landscape has changed; now, primary and secondary school students alike can attend their tuition lessons online instead.

In the last two years, things have changed dramatically. The Coivd-19 pandemic has made us reconsider our daily habits. Similarly, the education and tuition industry has also had to adjust with the changing environment. As parents, we all want to keep our child safe in sanitized environments while continuing their tuition in a safe and affordable way. Thankfully, technology is able to offer us a practical solution to this problem. 

Why Geniebook

A common argument against online learning is that children learn best in a real classroom. Naturally, there can be no substitute for human interaction, but on the other hand, many children have the ability to concentrate and learn in more than one environment. The key to a good investment in our children’s education is therefore in understanding their preferences and motivations with regard to learning. 

My 14-year old son, Nathan is a natural independent learner. That’s why when I found out about Geniebook, I could envision how it can help him in areas where I’m unable to. 

After all, the kids are now old enough to help themselves and gone are the days when Mummy and Daddy can jump in and help them with a simple Maths problem. Geniebook is a great alternative solution as it offers a range of learning tools to help any student from primary 1 to secondary 4 to do better, no matter how difficult the questions are. 

Signing up for Geniebook

First, visit the Geniebook website, where you will be able to learn more their A.I platform. Developed by educators and tech wizards, it aims to learn about a student’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as what the student needs in order to improve. 

For Nathan, we created a user account and chose to sign up for Science tutition. He then attempted an online test, and results from which showed the areas he was weak in. The good news is that he received a score of 70%, being slightly better than the average mark of 62%. To help break down the results, there are bar charts on the right of the results page that gives a further description on how he fared on various topics.

The power of Geniebook’s AI algorithm can be seen when it’s time to attempt more worksheets with the worksheet generator GenieSmart. With it, Nathan can generate customized worksheets that target the areas he is weak in. These worksheets were generated from a library of over 150,000 questions that are aligned to MOE’s latest syllabus. With these worksheets, we were confident that Nathan would start to improve on these weak areas.

Live Tuition Lessons

Geniebook also offers live lessons from their stable of experienced teachers. Known as GenieClasses, they are a great way to reinforce key concepts and the lessons are also recorded. This means that students that need some revision help just before the exams will be able to watch the lessons anytime, making it a reliable resource for your child.

If further assistance is needed, there is also an online chat for students to engage their tutors. We like this tool, as there have been many times when we would take pictures of Maths questions and send to our friends to ask for assistance. However, as the kids get older, it gradually becomes harder to find friends who can still assist in key subjects. Geniebook will therefore be able to be that key resource that parents can turn to; if one encounters a tough problem.

Request a Demo from Geniebook  

For parents who are still wondering about Geniebook, do hop on to their website and click the Request a Demo link. Their friendly teachers will be there to assist you and students can get a Free Strength’s Analysis for those who register.

Regarding cost, prices start from approximately $154.39 per month annually for one subject, with additional savings if one signs up for more than one subject. 

Online learning with targeting assistance is the way to go, as it offers an affordable practical solution in this era of virtual meetings. My kids are currently in secondary school and with their busy school schedule, traveling from school or home to a tuition Centre is a real pain. Cutting down on traveling time means more down time for our children and more time with the family. That is definitely a worthwhile investment. 



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