Our Darwin Adventure

Our recent adventures as a Parenting Blogger brought us to Darwin Australia!

Although I was educated in Perth, Australia, one does not hear much about Darwin Recently, I had the chance to work together with Silk Air, and find out about Australia, Darwin for myself.


silkair darwin collage

As it was Silk Air’s inaugural  flight, we had a Paparazzi welcome as we landed on the Air Strip in Darwin. Also received my first certificate from an Airline, as we were presented with special souvenirs to commemorate the whole event.

If you are wondering about the flight, it was comfortable with full flight facilities and we were even given champagne to remember the event! Smile

And the major question everyone is asking me…What is Darwin like?

Well, to all my Aussie friends, it is definitely smaller than Perth!

The city is like twice the size of Albany, and still very much a frontier town. Here’s a few photos of the streets in the City Centre.

darwin town hall

Darwin town

To tell you the truth, it has been about 12 years since I stepped onto the Great South Land, and just seeing a Coles and Woolworths (Both are the local Supermarket Chains) brought back good memories Smile

Here’s a photo of the local Coles:

coles darwin

Most of the shops close at 5pm. But the restaurants and the Supermarkets close at 10pm, so the town is not completely dead at nightfall.

And in case you are wondering about accommodation, here is a look at the hotel we stayed in.

medina vibe darwin

rooms in darwin

Ok….Now the million dollar question beckons…

Is Darwin worth considering as a vacation spot?

Well, we went on this trip without the kids, as we were only given 2 tickets, and after going there…we think that the kids would enjoy it as well.

This is definitely a different kind of adventure, as it is more out in the wild and not for the shopaholics who love shopping at Takashimaya.

And one of the most exciting adventures of this trip was CROCODILE FEEDING!

If you grew up in Upper Serangoon, and if you are thinking of the little Crocodile Farm near Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, please wipe away that image from your mind.

Crocodile feeding in Darwin is one scary experience, as the Crocodiles come up REAL CLOSE to you, and you can just feel them “eye-balling” you as a quick subway sandwich. In fact, all that is missing, is the theme song from “JAWS” as we embarked on our Crocodile Adventure.

As Darwin is surrounded with Marshland, Crocodiles are very much of the environment.

Darwin crocodile cruise

Northern Territory Tourism brought us on the “Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise” for some first hand experience in Crocodile Feeding.

spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise

The boat has a upper and lower deck, where the lower deck offers more spectacular views, as you get really close to the croc,  and you can feel them breathing down your neck…

Ok….it’s time to take a look at our prehistoric friends in ACTION!

darwin crocodile feeding

Yes! This is a close-up of my friend that accompanied me for the next 2 hours!

Check out the detail of the critter’s skin…and those teeth!

These creatures are about to 4-5 meters and they can grow up to 7 meters and 1 tonne in weight. They are so heavy that they don’t even need to bite you, but they can crush  you by their sheer weight.

croc eating

I must say that these critters looked really impressive when they are eating, and they certainly are very sly and cunning when they approach their prey.

crocs teeth

croc attack

jumping croc

window collage

crocs alive

And taking their pictures can be a bit unnerving at times, as they seemed to be staring at my window! (Mind you, the windows are all the way down, and there have been incidents of Crocs jumping into boats)

And in case you were wondering, they are being fed Buffalo meat for lunch!

lunch for crocs

Besides the Crocs, we also had a trail of wild birds following the bird, and the owners gave us a chance to play with our DSLRS, as they let the birds fly down for some bread.

feeding birds

This whole cruise was certainly a MUST DO experience when you go to Darwin, and this is something that you definitely need to include in your itinerary when you go up to Darwin. (Click to Read Part 2 of this post as we experinece Touring Darwin)

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