Our Darwin Adventure (Part 2)

One of the highlights of our Darwin Trip was the Wilderness that we experienced in Outback Australia.

wildman wilderness lodge

This experience was definitely enriched by our stay at Wildman Wilderness Lodge.  Opened in April 2011, Wildman is a small scale high quality safari lodge featuring a variety of boutique tours of the surrounding Kakadu National Park.

As we have spent most of our life in the city, the wilderness in Darwin, was definitely not something that we were used to. However, Wildman Wilderness Lodge is able to bring the comforts of modern comfort (such as Air-Conditioning) to the wild Outback of Darwin.

The Wildman Wilderness Lodge is neatly balanced with Air-conditioned units called Habitats and the conventional Safari Tent. In this way,  the Lodge is able to offer a different experience, to every type of traveller.

wildman wilderness rooms

wildman habitat rooms

wildman habitat

The cool thing about the habitats is that you are placed in this little “greenhouse” facing the wild. As we sat there and relaxed in our rooms,  we could see wallabies jumping around, and even other parts of nature that was a bit foreign to City Folk like us! Smile

Check out this termite mound, just outside our unit.

termite nest

To add to the experience, there is a heated pool, where you can just relax and swim in, and enjoy the outback around you. Here are some other photos of the compound:

heat pool

wildman hotel

dinner table

sunset in darwin


In case you are wondering what the other accommodations are like, here is a picture of the tents. They are definitely not shabby at all, and really classy. Its definitely good enough for us city folks, but the time of the year is really important.

tent outside


bed for kids

As it was the wet season in Darwin, it is a bit tough for us, as there were lots of flies and bugs that come out at night. The tents offer very little protection to these critters, and the air-con units are definitely much comfortable in that respect. In case you are wondering,  these critters are commando trained, and they can still sneak into any air-conditioned unit…so closing the windows and doors is not a fool-proof measure of keeping them out!

If you are thinking of going, they say that the best time to  go to Darwin is in June-July, where its winter time and that’s when the bugs are not around as well.

And if you are wondering what else is there to see in Darwin…

You have got to check out the waterfalls!

florence falls

florence falls collage

wangi  falls

The waterfalls are really beautiful, and we had great fun trying to swim in them. If you are an adventure buff, and looking for a road less travelled, Darwin is definitely the place for you!

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