Club Med Bali (Day 2)

My adventures at Club Med Bali continue on…

Today was our 1st full day at Club Med and we were excited!

The very first thing we had to do at the resort, was to get our kids used to the child care services provided by Club Med.


Club Med Petit Club is a Full Day childcare service for kids between 2 to 4 years old, and a really essential service for families that want to maximize their holidays.

Parents need to make sure that the children have to take all necessary injections before they are allowed to enter the centre, and they have more than enough workers to take care of the kids. In fact, Club Med is so multi-national that they have special workers who can speak languages such as French, Mandarin and Japanese.

We dropped off the kids during “Water and Beach play” period, and the excitement of the event, did help erase some of their fears.


However, my youngest girl did cry when it was time to separate, and she took some time to adjust to the new environment. All part of growing pains!

Nicole who is 5 years old went to Mini Club Med instead. Located on the other side of the resort, this centre is meant for the older kids.


What’s great about these facilities in general, is that they are packed with activities. In Mini Club Med, Nicole went for tennis lessons, had beach play, and could even be sent for circus training (we woke up too late for that!) . Here, she can spend time doing somersaults and fly on the trapeze. In fact, Club Med Bali is one of the few Club Meds that has a “Circus” curriculum for children and for the adults.


To tell you the truth, the kids and myself have not tried it out yet…looks a bit scary to me! 🙂


After dropping the kids off,  Mummy and Daddy headed to the swimming pool for some aqua aerobics!


The GOs are really the life of the party at the resort. At every activity they are the ones who make things happen, and here they were leading a mass dance at the pool, after the aqua aerobics. They even had golf at the pool, where men and children “chipped” a tennis ball into a life buoy.

club med pool

With the kids off our hands, we were also able to have some “couple” time together and we went snorkelling in the ocean. It was really cool, as we saw many colourful fishes, and they really swam very close to us! 🙂 Bali is really a very nice island!

club med soccer

We went back to look for the kids in the late afternoon, and they were having a children’s soccer tournament. Nathan’s age group was too young to play, but they still managed to have a kick around…they even had mini goal posts for them 🙂

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