Korea with KTO and Chan Brothers

Remember my trip to Korea? Yes! The Lonely Planet one!

Korea Trailblazer

For those who don’t really know what I am talking about, Chan Brothers and Korean Tourism Organization sent me to Korea in May, to experience the Korean Countryside. It was really an invaluable experience and I enjoyed every moment of it. However, life is not without its tragedies…

I guess many of you would have heard that I lost my way, and went to the wrong city…Yes I am serious…

Anyway I made the videos some time ago, but I have been holding back from showing them, as I was waiting for Chan Brothers to release them.

Well, finally they are OUT! Check out the 1st Video here:

Korea Trailblazer with Korea Tourism

You can hop on over to the Chan Brothers website to see the rest of the videos by clicking here

or if you love me and my family so much…that you just want to quickly vote for us, do go to this Facebook page (U need to be logged into Facebook)! Smile

Here are the rest of the videos from the series:

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