Hong Kong Disneyland (Part 1)

Last weekend, we were in Hong Kong and we had a real BLAST!

Why? Because we were not just in Hong Kong, but we were at Hong Kong Disneyland!!!

When we broke the news the kids, they went wild! And who could blame them…as the experience was simply magical! Smile

The moment we entered the magical kingdom,  we were surrounded by a wave of music…how can you not be happy when you hear “Zip-A-Dee-Do-Da-Zip-A-Dee-Dey! My-O-My, What a Wonderful Day!”

disneyland whale

Check out the joy beaming out of the children’s hearts, as they posed at the entrance of Disneyland.

As we reached the park at midday, we were just in time for the parade. Entitled “Flights of Fantasy”, the kids could not contain their excitement, as they awaited for the floats to come down Main Street.

flights of fantasy

Disneyland collage

The great thing about this trip was that we were invited guests for “Disney’s Prestige Tour”.

This means that we don’t need to queue up for the attractions, and when we were at the “Flights of Fantasy Parade”  we had special reserved seating! Oh! it was simply fantastic, as it meant that we did not have to fight for a place on the sidewalk! Smile

main street parade

disney parade

sawn lake

Parade collage

Disneyland parade collage

tribal dancers

people dancing

To add to the festivities, the kids were also invited to participate in the Parade. Here is a picture of Nicole and Kirsten (From Mothers Inc), trying out the “Limbo Rock”

limbo rock

Next stop was “it’s a small world!”

small world

It was under renovation, the last time we went to Disneyland, 2 years ago. So, it was good to finally catch this attraction. Disney really knows how to create a really happy atmosphere, as there was really Happy Music everywhere, and the rides brought us to different worlds.

small world

With the Prestige tour, we also got Priority seating at a Broadway Style Musical called “The Golden Mickeys!”

golden mickey

broadway mickey

Due to our guides, we also managed to skip the long queues, and get on the “Jungle River Cruise” in record breaking time.

Nathan was a bit apprehensive about the boat ride, as the last time he went on it, he was a bit afraid of the fire, when the boat was caught in mini rapid.

riverboat ride

Check out the silent determination as he got into the boat, and of course, he made sure that he sat in the centre of the boat as well, away from any possible danger Winking smile

Here are some views from the ride:

jungle boat

And oh YES! Our little Tiger made it through the ride without any tears. Even 4 yo Nadine, had no problems with the ride. So in case you are wondering, it’s safe for the kids! Smile

But the highlight of the tour, was of course our visit to the latest attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland! And this was none other than Toy Story Land!

toy story land

With our tour guides, we were able to skip all the queues and go for any ride that we wanted! It is even faster than any fast pass, as you still have a 5-10 queue with those passes.

slinky dog

slinky the dog ride

And this was Nathan’s favourite ride! Yes! The Slinky Dog Spin!

nathan slinky

While Daddy went for the scariest ride of them all…


This 27m U-Shaped monster called “RC racer, shoots you into mid-air had my heart pumping like a speed engine! Try spotting me as I went through my ordeal!

rc racer collage

rc racer

If you look carefully, I am in the last row…2nd guy (next to Kelvin from Mothers Inc, who has his hands raised).

We were sitting in the last row…which is also the scariest row…trust me…I did not do it again! Smile

Find out in our next post, which was mummy’s scariest ride! Smile (Click to read Part 2 of Disneyland Hong Kong)

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