Legoland Water Park Review

Legoland Water Park is the latest theme park attraction to hit our shores. If you want to find out how to drive to Legoland, how to get the cheapest tickets to the Legoland Water Park, or just how does it compare to Adventure Cove (Which is the only other Water Theme Park, located at Sentosa, and near to our vicinity), do read on!

Featuring 20 rides, this Legoland Water Park is great for the family to explore, and it will at least take half or 3/4 of a day to fully enjoy the whole Water Park.

legoland waterpark

Situated just next to the main Legoland Park, you will need to enter the Park via an alternative route (Do note that you cannot enter the Waterpark via Legoland as they are both separated by Legoland Hotel).

Let’s answer the most important question first. Since it will cost approximately $50 Singapore dollars to enter the park, is it worth going?

The answer is: a resounding YES!!!

If you have kids under 12yo, it’s definitely worth the entry price, and driving your family up there!

Together with the Legoland Park itself, it will definitely take 1 day to cover.

Not because of size, but because families take a longer time to cover attractions, and together with milk bottles and queues for rides, we just need more time to cover the park. It is therefore not surprising that Legoland Hotel will be launched shortly.

legoland height requirements

Is Legoland Water Park kid’s friendly?

The Legoland Water Park is made primary for kids, and therefore most of the rides only require the kids to be 1.02m. That means if your kids are about 5yo, they should be able to enjoy most of the rides!

With its kid’s centric outlook, the water levels at the splash pool, at the end of each ride, are also comfortable for the kids! And best of all, the Lego WaterPark is totally new, and that is the best time to visit the Park.

lego rides

There are also lots of lifejackets for the kids, shoe racks for shoes, and life guards to support the rides as well. Even though my kids are not swimmers, I did not feel that there were moments that I needed to feel panicky about, as the water levels were low.



Compared to Adventure Cove Sentosa, which has only 1 to 2 water obstacles for the kids, the Legoland Water Park is like heaven for the kids!


Tips to survive Legoland Malaysia WaterPark

1. Bring Lots of Sunscreen

There are NO Trees in Legoland, and the Trees that they have, are mere saplings. So Do not expect any protection from the heat, and do avoid the sun from 10am-2pm, as the sun is most harmful at these timings.

So do time your visit to the park, as it will determine how much the family can enjoy the park.

For visitors who don’t mind paying a bit more, one can pay for these Cabanas.


Equipped with fans, fridges and a safe for belonging, it makes great shelter from the heat, and it is a good rest stop from the scorching sun!

Btw, the restaurants in the Water Theme Park do not have Air-conditioning. Unless you are thinking of spending all your time at the Lego Gift Shop, you will most probably be battling the heat in this water park.

2. Eat outside the Park

If you are on a budget, eating outside the Park is much cheaper. As expected, food prices are higher in the Park, and you can find Food and Beverage restaurants like KFC, Burger King and Old Town Coffee just a stones throw away.

Here is a sample of meal prices within the Park:

legoland food prices

On the Media Preview day, the queues were extremely long, and the staff did not seem adequately trained to cope with the crowds. Hopefully, this will be a “teething” problem, that will be solved in the coming weeks.

3. Usage of Lockers


There are lockers for rent. Starting from MYR $20 – $40, they are good enough to store your family’s belongings. As in any public area, there is still a possibility of theft, so do your belongings in Singapore before you head over to the Park.

4. Where do I get the cheapest tickets for Legoland?

You can purchase your tickets online on the Legoland website at 20% discount. Tickets can be purchased for  combined attractions, meaning both Legoland and Legoland Water theme Park. This is quite a good deal, if you have not been to both (To check out Legoland Attractions, click on the link)

However, you will need to buy the tickets 7 days in advance.

In case you are wondering, there are also touts who patrol the restaurant area just before you hit the park. Yes. the tickets are genuine, and they will give you better prices than paying the walk-in rate at the ticket counter.

5. How do I Get to Legoland?

There are Bus services that take you directly from the Singapore Flyer to Legoland. Priced at $20 per adult and per child, they are a reliable resource. Find out more at from Legoland Buses..

If you are driving up to Legoland Malaysia, which is my preferred method. Don’t fret, as the road signs are clear, and it is not too far away, when you go up via the Tuas Link. It’s a good short drive, and you won’t find yourself in KL.

For specific Driving directions to Legoland Malaysia, do follow the link.

If you like to find out more, Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of Legoland where I talk about the rides and Lego land itself!

Thinking of staying at Legoland Hotel, check out our review of Legoland Hotel.

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