Legoland Malaysia

Yes! That’s right! There’s a new theme park in town and Legoland Malaysia is definitely here for the whole family!

Legoland JB

Located in JB, Malaysia, Legoland Malaysia is easily accessible for most Singaporeans, as it is just off the highway via the Tuas Link. The Good news is that, even though you might rarely drive up to JB, you will have no problems getting to the Promise Land. Once you clear the Tuas Checkpoint, you will see visible signages that show the way to Legoland Malaysia! Smile

Legoland Malaysia

legoland entrance

Hailing from Denmark, the Danes will be opening the park  on 15 September, and we are proud to bring you on our Media Tour of the park.

Consisting of 7 worlds, the Park sits on 76 Acres of Land, which is much bigger than Universal Studios Singapore (49 Acres). Promising to provide entertainment for the whole family, we were excited on finding out how Lego was going to fulfil its promise!

If you are wondering what’s so special about this theme park, you will realize that besides the rides, the park is littered with Lego models which highlights Lego’s imagination and attention to details. This was one of the 1st models that caught the attention of the park hopping crowd.

Lego models

And of course, there were also Lego Mascots that walked around, which reminded you of the Lego Characters that you normally see!

Legoland models

Ok….Before we get to the final details of the Park, let’s get to the first few questions off your head…

Is this Theme Park Suitable for my kids?

Yes! Legoland is designed with the family in mind, and there is something for everyone! There are lots of kiddo rides which all my kids enjoyed. Even my 4yo girl was tired out at the end of the day. However, I do feel that if your kids are in Primary School and lower, this park is ideally suited for you! Smile

As many people I have spoken to feel that Universal Studios is more ideally suited for Teenagers and Adults, this park definitely hits the “sweet spot” for young Singaporean Families!

Rides at Legoland

For example, this “Horsey” ride was more than suitable for my 4yo. The ride consisted of a simple mechanical horse that rocked forward and backwards, and it brought little Nadine on a short ride along a miniature course. Besides Nadine, my 5yo and 7yo kids enjoyed the ride as well!  As there wasn’t much of a crowd, the kids went on this ride at least 3 times each!

Is the Park Expensive for Singaporeans?

The park is competively priced, as compared to the theme parks in Singapore.

Legoland Theme Park tickets are priced at:

Single Day Pass

RM $140 per adult

RM $110 per child (3-11yo)

Annual Pass

RM $275 per adult

RM $210 per child (3-11yo)

Prices will be cheaper than the ones listed as there are current promotional prices, as well as special upcoming promotions. Keep a lookout for the Legoland website

What can I eat there and is the food expensive?

Legoland Park

There are a total of 7 lands at Legoland, and each land has a cafe or a restaurant. If you reach the Park early in the morning. A strategic place to eat would be “Pizza Mania” in the “Imagination” land. There you will get items such as Pizza and Spaghetti, and it is located at the halfway mark of the park.

Price ListWhen I hit Pizza Mania, the 4D theatre crowd just came out, and the queue was a bit too long. Instead, I had lunch at a cafe at the “Land Of Adventure”.

I had a Combo Meal and it set me back by RM $22. As you can see, after conversion, the prices are quite competitive for a theme park.

Eating at Pizza Mania is also a  much better choice, as it is Air-conditioned! The Cafe at Adventure land is ventilated by the everyday ceiling fans.

In the hot Malaysian Climate, Air Conditioning is always a good choice! So choose wisely! Smile


Is Legoland stroller and baby friendly?

Yes! After all, it is designed by the Danes, and they are always very family conscious. Toilets are well designed with diaper changing boards and children’s taps and urinals. There are also family toilets where the whole family can troop in!

Babycare room

What do I need to bring?

Bring along lots of Sun Screen and your children’s water bottles! The park has very little shelter from the heat and the surrounding trees are very young! If you go unprotected, you may need lots of SK2 to repair the damage done! Smile

Can I cover the Park in 1 day?

Yes! do hit the Park at as early as you can! Firstly, as it is cooler, and so that you can avoid the queues. I would also recommend going via the Tuas Link as well. Although it is more expensive than going via Woodlands, the route there is direct and easy for drivers!

Is there a “Must-See” or a “Must-Do” item?

Hmmm….there is a tough one!

Junior coaster

I reckon that the Roller Coaster are a good bet! They have 1 Roller Coaster for the young ones, and 1 for the Adults. The Danes are definitely very thoughtful, and their deliberate planning into this planning is a real plus! Smile

The Junior Coaster has a small up slope climb as compared to the one tailored for the adults. However,  you can still feel the “G’s” on a smaller coaster, as the ride takes the slopes quite aggressively! My kids were screaming like crazy on the ride, but they wanted to go again and again! Smile

Where can I eat my dinner after leaving the Park?

Get your GPS out and head towards Aeon Bukit Indah. It is only about a 10min drive away and they have restaurants like Kenny Rogers, Nandos, Secret Recipe and the usual gang of fast food restaurants! They also have a Supermarket, where you can buy your usual groceries! Smile

If you like to find out more, Check out Part 2 of Legoland where I talk about the rides and Lego land itself!  And discover the Legoland Water Park here.

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