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One of the Top family Vacation ideas for Singaporeans, is a stay at Legoland Hotel. This Lego themed family Hotel is conveniently located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and is less than 20 minutes away by car.

legoland hotel

Lego is always synonymous with kids, and with Lego having an  edge in nurturing creativity in children, Parents naturally love Lego! And herein lies why Legoland and Legoland Hotel is a great fit for families Smile Once you step into the Lobby of the lobby, your adventure with Legoland begins. The kids will love the lobby area, as there is a playground right in the centre of the whole complex.

legoland lobby

Legoland hotel malaysia

lego dragon

As I was checking in, one of the things that caught my eye, was the huge Lego display behind the Reception desk. Lined along the walls of the Reception, were hundreds of Lego figures, with every Lego design known to man. Check out the picture below:

lego figures

The man on the bicycle above is mechanized! It moves along the long reception wall, and magnifies the figures as it goes past. Definitely adds to the “Lego” feel of the lobby. The Kids loved the lobby, as besides the Lego Shop located here, there is FREE Wifi in the lobby for guests who need to catch up with their emails, and communicate with folks back home. Do take note that Wifi facilities are NOT available in the Hotel Room. I bought a local SIM card, to navigate past this inconvenience. One of the most “Cool” parts of  Legoland Hotel Malaysia are the lifts. Equipped with a disco ball and the Retro tunes such as “Staying Alive” and “YMCA”, the whole lift becomes a dance floor for the family. Amazingly, Nathan became a Disco Animal when he entered the lift, and showed us his Travolta moves! He was hilarious! Smile

My Son is John Travolta in Staying Alive

Now for the Hotel Rooms! This is the Fun Part of staying in the Hotel which the kids will love! Smile There are 3 Themes that the Kids can choose from, as they live out their fantasies at Legoland Hotel. There are the Kingdom themed rooms (Medieval Knights), Adventure themed (a la Indiana Jones) and the Pirates Themed rooms. As my boy was the oldest on this trip to Legoland, we decided to take the Pirates themed room.

legoland hotel rooms

And the kids certainly had no regrets as they entered their Premium Themed Pirate room. The Premium rooms come with a Parents room and a children’s room with a double bunk. With the Double Decker bed, there is a pull-out bed as well, which makes a maximum capacity of 5 Occupants in the room.

pirates room

Pirates theme room

Lego bed for kids

The kids loved the double-decker bed, as it comes with a TV in their room, that gives them access to their favourite cartoons. Each room further comes with a Lego Set for the kids to exercise their creativity and build their own Lego fantasies.

lego duplo

To bring in the element of fun into the room, each room comes equipped with a Treasure Chest. Clues are put upon a Hint Card on the card, which reveal the secret combination to open the Treasure Chest.

lego treasure map

chima treasure

Kids will be glad to find the Lego Treasures which they find in the Chest, and the Lego Toys also make great souvenirs for all guests. The game also made great family bonding time, as we went around the room looking for all the clues. Early the next morning, we proceeded downstairs to have breakfast at “Bricks”. This family restaurant has got lots of Lego figures to help you feel at home and the bright colours were very welcoming. Breakfast is served with the usual favourites, as we had pancakes, croissants and lots of other Asian Favourites.

. Lego restaurant

lego decoration

legoland breakfast lego breakfast

(All pictures taken with the Nikon D610: Full Frame DSLR)

Overall, we had great fun in the hotel, and the staying in the hotel only whet our appetites for more fun in the park. Tips for Guests at Legoland Hotel: The best way to enjoy your stay at Legoland Hotel is to stay for at least 2 nights (Check-out time is at 11am and check-in time is at 4pm). These timings are a bit different from the usual timings, so it’s best to plan your stay at the hotel, if you are only staying for 1 night.

To find out booking information and rates, check out Legoland Hotel

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