Legoland Malaysia Review (Part 2)

People have been asking me, “How are the rides at Legoland?”, “Is the Park fun for Pre-schoolers?”

I hear your questions…and YES! The park is excellent for Pre-schoolers and Primary School Kids.

Just check out the playgrounds for the kids:

Legoland playground

Legoland JB malaysia

legoland duplo

lego playground

Lego collage

One of the most innovative rides that you can experience in Legoland can be found in the land of Imagination!

Legoland land of imagination

Legoland pulley

It a bit like the Parachute Drop found in Disneyland Hongkong, except that the ride is much lower, and the height is controlled by yours truly. U determine the highest level you go, as you pull yourself up the tower via your arm power. Once you reach your highest level, u let go, and the seats drop down all the way to the lowest level.

pulley system

Is it scary?

No…as the speed going down is slowed down to a very gradual speed, due to gears within the pulley system. However, is was still very scary for my 5yo, as he has a natural fear of heights, and he was screaming his head off.

I think this short 20sec clip will give you a rough feel of the ride Smile

Nathan scared of heights…

Here are some other rides that u will also find at Legoland:


Legoland project x

This mini roller coaster is one of the “Scarier Rides” at Legoland, but yet it is safe enough for my 5yo son to go on it! Check out Nathan at the height bar. Not too bad if your kids don’t have a fear of heights. Unfortunately, we did not get to try out this ride, as it had some maintenance issues during the media preview.

height bar

To escape from the afternoon heat at Legoland, we also ventured to make our own car in the park.

lego car

Pharaoh's legoland

ball park collage lego

One of the highlights of the theme park is that they have family games.

lego fire engine

In the spirit of friendly competition, families are ushered into a Fire Engine. At the command of an umpire, families compete with one another to put out a simulated fire. Of course, Daddy had to do all the work, as the young ones did not have enough strength or stamina to work the water pumps. But it was definitely fun! I took a video of an unsuspecting family, to give everyone a heads-up on what’s expected at this station.

Family Challenge at Legoland

A Big Highlight for my 7yo daughter was driving school at Legoland. Kids must be 6yo and above to qualify, and basically they get to go to driving school and learn about traffic rules. Later on, they are brought onto the roads, to learn how to drive in a mini road safety park!

Driving school

driving school collage

They had a school for the older kids which had a longer course, and a simple round-about for the young ones. It was definitely fun for the kids! Smile

Here’s the rest of Legoland in Pictures:

Scenic Legoland

lego theatre

Legoland models

legoland details

lego pirates

Lego bridge

lego taj mahal

twin towers lego

If you missed out on my “Must Ask” questions about Legoland, do check out Part 1 on Legoland here.

Although it was a media preview day, I did not get to try out all the rides, as 3 to 4 had to close down due to maintenance issues. I hope that these were just little things that will be solved in time, as the official opening is just a few days away. Overall, we had great fun, and we can’t wait to go back again! Smile

legoland front

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