Chinese New Year

gong xi fa cai

Chinese New Year is always a week of family gatherings.

The kids were kept busy as they had to be all dressed up, as they visited their grandparents, met their cousins, and very importantly, received their “Ang Pows”

The kids also took some photos with their grandparents!

Here’s a photo of them with their grandparents and their cousin.


Nicole has also been “On form” this Chinese New Year!

Every house she goes to, she has been singing and dancing for all our relatives.

Whenever we go to a new house, we will ask whether she wants to perform?

She always replies emphatically, “YES!”.

At one house, she even rushed into the bedroom after saying that.

I asked her, “Nicole, What are you doing?”

She replied, “I must hide in the room first (go backstage). When you announce my name, then I will come out!”

And when she is inside, Mummy tells me that she is adjusting her hair and looking into the mirror.

My daughter is a little PRIMA DONNA!!! (Haha!)

She is really growing to love the stage.

pose 1

She does not even let me just sit and watch the performance. At her request, I must record every performance and take photos!

This photo even had a fan blowing her hair, to give her the “Movie Star” effect!

pose 2

Here are the videos of our little girl’s performance. Just in case, you could not really see her dance at pre-school.

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