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Being on a tight budget means that we can’t really go overseas on a family holiday. However, you will be glad to know that Singapore is increasing in it’s family friendly locations! Resorts World Sentosa does not just have the World’s largest Aquarium in the S.E.A Aquarium, but it also has a Water Theme Park catered for the whole family! Smile

sentosa water adventure

Growing up, many of us would have been to water theme parks like the “Wet and Wild”, and I am sure that many of us missed those water filled thrills! It was thus with much anticipation, that I awaited the opening of Adventure Cove at Resorts World!

adventure cove

One of the first questions many people ask me about any Park is….

Are the tickets worth it?

This is the no 1 question, Singaporeans ask! As parks are also generally catered for certain age groups, this question is of upmost pertinence! For example, Legoland Malaysia is more suited for kids under 12 years. I don’t think teenagers will get their money’s worth at Legoland as the rides are catered for the very young!

Well, if you are a teenager and older, this Water Theme Park will be highly recommended by you!

With many rides on the higher difficulty level, this park promises more spills for those over 13yo. If you are worried because you are not a confident swimmer, be rest assured! With the many life jackets and life guards,  even non-swimmers will find themselves assured about safety in these surroundings.


Are there activities for kids under 12yo?

Yes! There is a Water Play just specially catered for the Kiddos! The Big Bucket Treehouse is a bit similar to those found at Port of Lost Wonder and the Singapore Zoo. With 2 mini slides, and a big bucket that throws large amounts of water down at periodic moments, it shares a similar modus operandi to those found at other parks.

waterplay sentosa

Besides the Tree House, the Adventure River or “Lazy River: is another activity which the family can explore. Basically, you just put your butt into a tube, and you allow the artificial current to bring you around the whole Park. The good thing about this river, is that it brings you to different scenes and tunnels, and this change of scenario makes the ride more palatable for adults as well!

adventure river

lazy river

One activity that looks super-inviting is the ready made Coral pool made for Snorkelling. Putting on the Snorkelling gear which is loaned to visitors, Rainbow Reef gives visitors a chance to literally swim with the fishes, and explore the underwater world.


2013-03-02 14.57.41 (1)


Definitely fun and a great eye-opener for the kids ya!

Which leads to the next problem

If you are planning to go to Adventure Cove on the weekend, do be warned about the long queues. Singaporeans and Tourists alike, are known to flock to the Water Park, and I was faced with a 1 hour queue. Imagine yourself joining the snaking queues for the fast thrilling rides, and all this for just 20 Seconds of pure adrenaline…Sad smile

long queues

The same queues were also seen at Rainbow Reef, and as a result we did not get to swim with the fishes…But it looks awesomely fun!

In many promotional materials about RWS, one gets to see visitors touching the Sting Rays at the Park. I would like to let you know, that although this activity can be found at Adventure Cove, there are additional costs involved. Yes! And therefore, it is not surprising that this part of the park is very quiet as well! Smile

sting ray

For visitors who are planning to explore this activity, do be prepared to pay more!

If you are worried about your belongings and security, you will be glad to know that there are many lockers for hire,where you can leave your belongings. With Storage Racks for your shoes, towels and goggles, throughout the park, you can also go for many rides with “Hands Free” freedom!


storage racks water park

water park sentosa

Tickets to the Park are priced at $29 for an adult and $20 for kids (4-12yo) and Seniors. You can visit the Adventure Cove Website for more details.

Overall, we had great fun at the Park, and I am sure that you guys will enjoy it too! Smile

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