Tips for New Parents

I have NEVER seen so many Dad’s gathered on one place before! And with so many men around, it must be a Dads for Life conference. Prominent speakers are here to advise fathers and also here to give tips to new parents.

…the carpark was filled with cars, and there were only MEN going into the carpark lift…

…the hotel hotel was filled with MEN as well and when I entered the Ballroom, I saw the largest gathering of Dads in one place!

(I was relived to know that terrorist were not targeting Dads!)

This was the scene that greeted me, as I went for the inaugural Parenting Conference for Dads for Life. (Many Thanks to Maybe Baby * for sponsoring my ticket)

Check out the full article on the Maybe Baby site, as I discuss Josh Mcdowell’s Parenting Tips and other insights in this week’s blog entry at Maybe Baby.

* Maybe Baby is a Parenting Site supported by MCYS to provide a one-stop localised interactive on-line parenthood portal for couples seeking information on fertility, sexual intimacy, finances, lifestyle issues, pregnancy, work-life balance and other parenthood-related issues.

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