Singapore ZOO – Kidzworld

The Zoo was really fun!!!

Natalie has been asking for details, so here goes…

Entry to the Singapore Zoo is really expensive, so we bought the Family Pass at $180 (which by the way is not cheap as well) But a normal ticket for an adult costs $18 and $9 for a child (>3 years). That would mean $63 dollars for the whole family.

In typical Singapore Kiasu style, we calculated that we must go to the zoo at least 3 times this year (that is if we want to recoup our losses!)

Making the investment was not that difficult, as we heard that the new kid’s park was really FUN, and we were definitely NOT DISAPPOINTED!

Called the Zoo Kidzworld – The Water Play for the Kids was really really FUN!!! If you have kids, you got to bring them there!


I went in my T-shirt and Bermudas, and I thought that I would just let the kids play.

But in order to get them involved, I had to go in – And I was thoroughly soaked.

It was a water theme area and the kids were encouraged to run through obstacles with water spraying everywhere.

Nicole, the one who was more conservative, started off with the ‘tame’ water fountains.

This is Nic – Enjoying the water spraying at her ‘butt’. She was so tickled by it, that she kept on laughing 🙂


Nathan was braver, and he was really gung-ho about running through the water arches.


He was running so fast, that he was practically dragging me!!! 🙂

I was thinking….”Oh No..Oh No…I did not bring any dry clothes…the things that we daddies must do…”

The best part of the park was that while you were playing, there is a BIG TUB that is filling up on top of the whole structure.

After about 5 mins, the TUB would be filled, and if you were near the structure, the TUB will tilt…and you will be totally drenched by an avalanche of water!!!

big 3

I brought Nathan in and it was really COOL!!!

The kids really loved the park and Daddy had fun as well. If you are looking for something interesting and FUN to do this weekend…HEAD DOWN TO THE ZOO!!!




Hope you enjoy the photos!!!



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