Pre School Performance

Nicole had her Chinese New Year Performance at Pat’s Schoolhouse halifax on Fri.


Both Nic and Nathan dressed up for the performance. Well, we dressed Nathan up to add to atmosphere! Check out his pouty lips in the photo. Is it like Shu Qi?

Nicole has been practising hard for her performance and she has been looking forward to it.

She even told Daddy, “ Remember to record ok, so that I can watch the performance again!”

On that fateful day, parents turned up by the truckloads. Everyone was armed with a video cam, and tons of DSRLS. I reckon Canon or Nikon should set up a camera booth at the school – they would have made a healthy profit.


Nicole’s class was one of the first to go for the day’s performance and she really did very well!!!

She remembered all her steps, and was really very confident. Mummy was very excited. From where she was standing, waved at her during the performance. Nicole was so focused that she did not respond (Mummy asked whether Nic saw her after the performance, Nicole said YES, but she said “I can’t, I’m performing!!”)

You can catch her performing in the video below. I did not really get a good angle, as I did not really know which side she was going to come out from. What a waste!


The school also set up a mini carnival for the kids after the performance. The ice cream man was a firm favourite with the kids and it was the 1st stall that Nic visited with her friends.

She also went for face painting, and she had her face painted for her teachers. I liked the 2 oranges by her cheeks but not the plant in the centre. Anyway, mummy likes it. What do you guys think?

You can check her out in the slideshow below:



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