Chocolate Donuts and Biscuits

The kids just love chocolate!

In fact, they love anything chocolate – from chocolate biscuit, chocolate donuts to hot chocolate.

What makes things worse is that they are really messy eaters.

Just look at Nathan:

cheeky nic

It doesn’t help when the kids love the really messy varieties of Donuts as well.

They love it whenever we go to Suntec City, as it means Donut Factory.

donut factory

Nicole really loves the double chocolate donuts and she makes a real mess of herself as bites thru the donut.

The kids are also really smart about their food as well.

When I buy them their donuts, Nicole will request for certain strategic locations to eat her food.


What do I mean?!?


Nicole refuses to eat her DONUTS in the office Nursery!

The reason: if she eats it there, she would need to share it with the other kids (This is what we call true survival instincts!)

What can I say?

My daughter can really keng!!! (colloquial term for looking after herself)

Check out this video below, where you will see the power of chocolate biscuits:

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