Julia Gabriel and Growing Up Gifted

This week 2 year old Nathan had his first class at Julia Gabriel. We did not want to send him to baby school too early, as we did not feel that it was very beneficial. But as Nathan was not doing much at home, we felt that some stimulation was needed!

julia gabriel

Nicole went for Classes at Growing Up Gifted at United Square, and as a result, we are able to do a tentative comparison between the 2 schools.

At the moment, we really prefer Julia Gabriel.

The curriculums in the 2 schools are different, but like in all schools – the teachers play a very significant role!

Nathan’s teachers were really bundles of energy. They were bouncing and dancing around the class.

Chinese is also used as a medium of instruction in the class (Btw, Nathan was lost when the Chinese teacher talked to him…It was as good as speaking in tongues)

Growing up Gifted


Nicole attended 3 terms in GUG, and as my wife was pregnant with Nathan, I spent a lot of hours attending lessons with Nicole.

I think the teachers at GUG were not very impressive, and the teacher to student ration is not as good as well.

I remember the classes at GUG were really full, and there were only 2 teachers for the whole class.

In JG, there are 4 teachers in the class – which results in better supervision by the teachers.

The prices at Julia Gabriel are more expensive, but I think it might be more worth it….

Of course, u can try another school of thought, and send them for classes to develop their motor skills at My Gym instead…

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