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There’s a new blogshop in town! And I so adooooore it! 🙂

I’ve been introduced to online shopping and my-o-my, the options are e.n.d.l.e.s.s.!!


I’ve been stuck though… I’m at the “going to be slim again” size. What does this mean?

Size 12 – Comfy BUT what a waste of $$! Cos it’d be too loose next week! Really.

Size 10 – Comfy if I keep my shoulders back, tummy tucked and butt out at all times. And darling, I prefer to stand, no sitting when I’m in this outfit!

Size 8 – Ohhh you know, that’s my original size? You see my wedding pics? Might even be size 6!

So you see, shopping online for me is a little battlefield of the mind. I’ve tried telling myself NO ONE can see the size label when I wear those clothes, but until then …

Back to this new blogshop. It’s for kids! I don’t have to go thru this sizing debate cos the pieces are either nicely fitting (so wear them every other day) or loose (so we wait till they grow into them).

I do shop online for my kids. I always find trendy American, kawaii Japanese/Korean or comfy Chinese outfits. These are always easily available. But it has reached a point of being saturation. I’ve seen too many kids decked in Guess, Carter’s, Jshoppers etc.

In this new blogshop, I found absolutely CLASSY European pieces online! Think French—Kenzo, DPAM, Okaidi, Chloe, Sisley, Spanish—Massimo Dutti, Zara, Italian—Benetton, English—Pepe Jeans!

And of course, I think this is a cool blogshop because they use really nice models! Check it out!

Nathan1 Kids1

Nicole2 NicoleNathan

Aren’t they gorgeous? All clothes featured are found in Do check them out! A special offer for our readers: quote “Ed-unloaded” and get a free GAP inspired Tee with every purchase!

You can also join their Facebook fan page here for their ongoing FB promotion. Happy Shopping!

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