Children’s Day at City Harvest

Looking for a great way to celebrate children’s day with the kids. How about celebrating this special day with the kids in church? Children’s day at City Harvest church is a grand affair, as there are parties and games for the kids.

Today, we went for the City Harvest Children’s Day service at Expo & the kids had fun!


NathanNathan was a bit lost at first…when he saw the lights and all, but they both gradually warmed up as the program unfolded.

Nicole really liked the clowns. She laughed out loud to herself, as she saw their antics.

The funniest part of the day was when they gave out the children’s church newsletter.

The graphics people in church always tell me that the adults “never read the newsletters or bulletins”.

Ok…I stand guilty, I just glimpsed at the newsletter.

However, little Nicole studied all the pictures.

Suddenly, she exclaimed:

“Daddy,my picture is inside!!!”…she giggled to herself.

In fact, she laughed and smiled to herself for a good few seconds..Quite hilarious actually.

I decided to catch the moment with my blackberry.

Check out the picture:

nic & newsletter

See the little picture she is pointing to!!!

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