City Harvest Investigation

City Harvest is my church, my life. I guess everyone in Singapore would have heard about what’s happening at City Harvest Church (CHC). As a member of the church since 1998, I have deep roots in CHC. In fact, this is the place where my wife and myself got married, and where my kids discover … Continue reading

To my Friends and Family!

I may be a little late in doing this... but we're still in January, and Chinese New Year is coming! So here goes... It has been a great 2010 and even as we enter the New Year, that are so many things to be appreciate about! Besides having all you readers out there, another important group of … Continue reading

City Harvest Probe

As a serious Soccer Fan, I can’t wait for the World Cup to Start! I have even paid the $70 over dollars to Starhub, so that I can watch the World Cup Games on my TV. Which team am I supporting? My brain tells me Spain, but my heart goes to England! (In fact, I am still keeping my fingers … Continue reading