City Harvest Investigation

City Harvest is my church, my life.

I guess everyone in Singapore would have heard about what’s happening at City Harvest Church (CHC). The City Harvest Investigation has made much headlines over the last few days. As a member of the church since 1998, I have deep roots in CHC.

In fact, this is the place where my wife and myself got married, and where my kids discover more about God. This is the place that we have found purpose and friends.

Some people have the impression that CHC is all about money, where members get brain-washed into giving and pledging loyalty to the church. Well, I’m a committed CHC member and my family & friends who are not from CHC know that I’m a regular guy, of sound mind and not hypnotized. I have my share of opinions and make decisions based on my faith and convictions.

I made numerous monetary contributions to the church, and I fully believe in the church’s vision and cause. To me, it is a worthy investment, and I wasn’t coerced or forced to give, and I definitely have no regrets giving. The fruits of my giving are seen in the thousands of lives changed and impacted by the ministry of CHC.

I am aware that people have varied Music and Fashion preferences. As a result, some Christians or Non Christians may not appreciate the “Crossover” project and the bright lights of Hollywood. But I think it is ok to have differing musical tastes. U2, Whitney Houston, Michael Buble, Bon Jovi and Cliff Richard appeal to different audiences, but no one should be judged worse off, due to varied musical appreciations. Who is to say, which is better, or which is appropriate?

We have seen many young and old people added to the church due to the “Crossover” project. And I’m very proud of Sun Ho’s breakthrough in the entertainment world. The number of lives that were touched and the ripple effect to their circle of friends are immeasurable.

I have the luxury and privilege of saying that I know Pastor Kong and Sun personally. I’ve talked to them, watched how they work, seen how they love. I experienced their love and care, I saw some of their joys & tears. What I know is truly what I know…not what I read from some Forum, not what was posted on Facebook, and definitely not from the grapevine of Internet.

I believe in their characters and integrity. I believe in their love for God and His church. I believe in the “Crossover” project. People talk about transactions, but not a single cent was taken by them!

Until the verdict is out, lets not speculate and make pre-conceived judgements about CHC and the leadership.

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