New Building for City Harvest Church

This week is going to be an exciting week at City Harvest Church.


The church has been in negotiations for a new building, and this week the location will be announced!

Pastor Kong Hee has been talking about a Church in the Marketplace and in the CBD for a long time, and finally it is coming to past. He has also updated his blog and given the reasons for the New $310 Million facility.

(Check out his  blog and the reasons here)

Personally, we are really excited, and our 6 weeks of speculation is coming to an end.

The Speculative Locations  are:

1) Marina Bay Golf Course – I hear that a lot of golfers are praying very hard against it, as they don’t want to lose a decent golf course. 🙂

marina bay golf

2) Marina Bay Sands Casino

Sands casino

Btw, Sands got this piece of land at 1.2 billion dollars from the government. Will they let us have a part of it for $310 million?

3) National Stadium


The stadium is slated to be redeveloped into a new Sports Hub, but due to the financial crisis, the developers have sort of given up on the project, due to the high construction cost.

Will City Harvest be given a National Project to redevelop?

4) Padang

singapore padang

This iconic field has been the host of National Day Parades, Numerous Sports Events, and this is also where the British accepted the Japanese Surrender in 1945.


The Rumour is that we will develop the field, and have a auditorium was a glass ceiling, so that when the congregation looks up, they can see the stars! 🙂

Where do u guys feel the building will be at? Anything stories that are really mind-boggling?!? Do Share…

Well, for the rest of us, we are waiting for twitter to give us the location, when the 1st service kicks off in Jurong West in 24 hours time…

It’s coming soon….(excited anticipation!)

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