Packing List for Family Trip

Recently, Nathan told us that he really really really wants to go to: (in no particular order) New York, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, London, Rome, Bangkok.

We were curious how his geography seemingly improved or if it was some stock market news he heard cos many of these were all major markets! Well, they were all from Cars2! Thanks or no thanks, my boy now has dream holidays to these big cities!


Some have been asking me, what do we pack for a family holiday? We did a post once on Family Fun Vacation and it’s time for an update! So besides the clothes & shoes, here’s our list!

With our family—7 yo, 5 yo and 4 yo, this is what we pack for our trips:

1. Pull-up Diapers – In the hand carry bag, and in the bag you bring around everywhere. Emergencies are aplenty and they have a tendency to happen at the dirtiest mall, or on long road trips!

2. Notepads for each child with coloring pencils or just a pen – They love to draw, write notes, and scribble. This occupies them for many hours.

One of the tasks we get them to do is to write down all of our room numbers. (this includes all family members traveling with us, or friends) It also helps them remember their own room number!


3. Toy Cars (matchbox size) – Nathan’s current big love. He can play with 3 cars all alone for a entire afternoon, making strange noises. Best part—it works even in confined spaces like plane seats!

Do note that the cars trigger the metal detectors at the airport!

boy model

4. Books – One thin book for each child to read. For Nicole, we even brought her spelling list once! No choice, cos the spelling test would fall on the day after we reached home.

5. Basic kiddy travel pack – Tissues, Babywipes, Hand Sanitisers, Water Bottle, Long sleeve warm top.

At the end of the day, we got the kids to be part of the packing process. They know what’s packed and what’s left behind, so they do have some responsibilities too! Smile

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