Family Fun Vacation


We are flying off to Hong Kong today and we are so excited!

Mummy is a bit worried as it is the first trip off, and she is worried whether if they can sit through the 3.5 hour flight.

She is worried if she has brought enough milk…enough diapers…enough clothes!

Btw, Nathan needs 5 diapers a day (Daddy thought 2 diapers is enough – 1 in the morning, and 1 in the night). That is about 1 dollar/day for diapers.


Sigh…Going on a trip used to be so easy…I just used to chuck everything into the bag, and I was off!

In fact, the way I pack my bags – makes me feel so garung!!! Like Rambo!!! Ready to face the new world and the challenges ahead!

Things have changed!!!

Today, I had to make sure that all of mummy’s worries are dealt with. Even have to pack seedless grapes, bananas and toys for the flight over to Hong Kong  (We are not even talking about Hong Kong yet…)

walkie talkies

I even packed Walkie Talkies! This is my 1st time doing this…Am I getting old…or am I just getting more resourceful! Please enlighten me?!?

One thing I am sure of, is that the children will enjoy the trip.

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