Legoland Malaysia: Longest Snake

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Legoland Malaysia is such a bit hit with many Parents in Singapore, and we are constantly looking for a good day to head over to the theme Park (For rides at Legoland, do click here) However, I was pleasantly surprised when I headed over on New Years Eve! I guess everyone was so busy preparing for CNY, that there were not many people at the Park!

That means no queues, and more time for the family to enjoy Legoland! Smile

Well, if you are looking to go over to Legoland Malaysia this CNY, you will be glad to know that the park has got special programs lined up for the family!

legoland snake

The biggest highlight that the 1st Legoland Park in Malaysia has lined up is  build its record breaking feat. Legoland Malaysia aims to build the World’s Longest LEGO snake to mark its first CNY in Malaysia. The Snake will be built over 9 days and it is estimated to be more than 300 metres long and uses approximately 1 Million Lego bricks!

Legoland designer

We met Model Builder, Stefan Bentivoglio, and he tells us that he spent 2 weeks designing the Lego Snake and 50 hours building the snake in advance.

Legoland collage

To create opportunities for the family to work together, families can come together to build more than 3000 individual sections. Yes! That is the body of the snake, which will be “Snaking” all around the Park.

Longest snake lego


Guests will be able to participate in this record breaking feat from now till February 17.

The kids will definitely like to be part of this record breaking feat! Smile

Other CNY Highlights at the Park:

  • Fireworks (10-11 Feb)
  • Face Painting (Throughout Feb)
  • Drums Performance (9,10,11,16,17 Feb)
  • Chinese Magic Mask Performance (9,10,11, 16,17 Feb)

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