Fitbit Blaze Review (Giveaway Closed)

Wearable technology is the new rage! Everyone is talking about fitness watches, as we enter a millennium, where keeping oneself lean and fit is of utmost importance. Last year, we reviewed the Fitbit Surge and we loved it! Fitbit has come back this year with the Fitbit Blaze, offering much more to all technology fitness junkies out there! 🙂

Hyped as a competitor to the Apple Watch, the Fitbit Blaze has heightened the fitness technology landscape. Featuring a color touchscreen, email / WhatsApp messaging notifications, numerous fitness tracking features and a  4-5 day battery life, the Fitbit Blaze is certainly a great watch to have.

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fitbit blaze

Looking at all the leading brands of fitness trackers, Fitbit is always ranked very highly and it is always been one of our top choices. Having an excellent record in making fitness trackers, Fitbit is one of earliest pioneers in this field and they continue to be a market leader.

When it comes to measuring the heart or just recording the number of steps taken, the Fitbit brand lives up to its name. In fact, it is hard to find a bad review of Fitbit, when it comes to this department. However, as Fitbit is not a telco market leader like Samsung or Apple, it does lag behind its competitors in this department.


Fitness tracker with heart monitors

For an everyday tracker,  it monitors steps, calories, distance, floors climbed, active minutes, and sleep. It has a continuous optical heart rate monitor embedded into the module, which measures your pulse whenever the band is on. This heart monitor is important, as the intensity of one’s workout is important for correct measurement. This is a BIG reason why we should not buy a cheap Fitness tracker without a heart monitor, as readings are inaccurate.

I like that it that the Blaze categorizes your heart rates into “fat burn,” “cardio,” and “peak” zones so you can push yourself harder depending on what you want from your workout.

Do I need a Fitness tracker with Call Functions?

When it comes to the additional functions that they continue to add  to all Fitness trackers, I find the additional value marginal.

Let me elaborate:

Fitbit fitness trackers are meant to be to measure calories and distance and although I can read my WhatsApp messages, receive notifications from incoming emails and phone calls on the Fitbit Blaze, I find these functions helpful rather than essential.

Yes! Helpful when I am running … helpful when I am at a meeting … but the screen is too small for effective reading and it does drain your watch and Hp battery. Therefore, I would rather turn off the Bluetooth capability on my hp, so as to prolong battery life.

Will I want to be able to pick up calls with my fitness watch or dial out with my watch? Well, to dial out, it means that your Hp must be around, as currently the fitness trackers do not  allow you to insert a SIM Card within the module. And if your Hp is around, why not use the mobile?

I am not too sure that I would want to pick up a call while walking down the street.  I might look weird walking down the street talking to my watch and I would have to deal with the noise from the surroundings.

Therefore, getting a fitness watch which measures accurately, might be the most important feature of a tracker with more importance  paid to the heart and step monitor.


Fitbit Blaze vs Fitbit Surge

What is the main difference between the watches? Although the Fitbit Blaze is newer than the Fitbit Surge, the latter costs more. There is a price difference of more than $50 and consumers pay less for the Fitbit Blaze, as the watch does not come with a GPS tracker. FItbit assumes that you will run with your mobile and it uses the GPS in your phone for tracking purposes. No complaints about this assumption,

No complaints about this assumption, as I do run with my handphone, as these fitness watches do not come with an ability to preload your music as well.


Besides the GPS tracker, the Fitbit Blaze is slimmer (As pictured above) and has a color screen while the Fitbit Surge has a black and white screen.  The readouts stand out more, as messages come in color as compared to a black and white screen.


More importantly, the Fitbit Blaze gives one ability to change his watch strap. From a fitness tracker, the Fitbit becomes a fashion accessory, as one changes the color of his strap. Currently, I have the default black strap that comes with the box, and I added a silver strap to my collection. The ability to change my watch strap allows me to wear the fitness tracker,  even though I may be decked in a more formal attire.

I must add that taking out the module is really easy, and even if you are bad with gadgets, you will not have a problem changing straps! 🙂


With the Fitbit Blaze, one also has the option of more attractive watch faces, offering consumers more ways to enjoy the watch. All these are definite plus point for the Fitbit Blaze.

Besides the points highlighted, both the Fitbits have similar attributes. Both are only water resistant and are definitely not suited for the shower or the swimming pool. Battery life for the Fitbit Blaze is much higher, lasting for about 5 days without charging, while the Fitbit Surge can only last for about 1 day after regular use.


Currently, the Fitbit Blaze is part of my everyday wear and I have no complaints about the watch. As a fitness tracker, FItbit has once again lived up to its reputation, and this is a great watch to have for all fitness junkies out there! 🙂

Good New for all Readers!

Just like out previous tie-up with Fitbit , we are giving away a Black Fitbit Blaze (Large) (Model and Sizing is not changeable).

All you need to do:

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The Giveaway ends on  17 November 2016 at 2359 hrs.

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And the Results are out:

Here is  the official no of steps: fitbit-result

From the top left-hand box under steps: the answer is 15001.

And the Winner is Victor Choo.

Congratulations! We will be contacting you shortly about the collection of your prize.

To the rest of the readers, do stay tuned for our next giveaway.

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