Family trip to Hong Kong

Guess what!


We are going to Hong Kong! Yeah!!! Smile A family trip to Hong Kong is what we have been dreaming of for a long time. With the food, culture and theme parks being such an attraction, we just can’t wait to step on this island.

When we first told the kids this, Nicole was so excited she told her friends…I’m going to Hong Kong…Hong Kong…Hong Kong Disneyland!!!!

And this is what each of them are looking forward to:

Nicole – The Princesses! Are all the princesses going to be at the hotel too?


Nathan – ToyStory Land! My friends told me it is new. Is it new? Are we going to see that?


Nadine – Disneyland…Mickey Mouse…Minnie Mouse…Everything Disney! Smile

mickey mouse

For me and my wife, our biggest question: Do we have time to feast on all that yummy Hong Kong food?


I think we will…as all these Hong Kong delicacies will be available at our hotel! Don’t they look yummy!!!

So stay tuned, as I update you guys about the latest happenings at Hong Kong Disneyland….It is going to be…FUN!!!

Hopefully, you won’t see more of me when I come back, as I am praying that the food does not add to my waistline.

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