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Crossfit is a fun way to get fit where you put fitness as a lifestyle priority. Crossfit fitness is about joining a community that shares and encourages each other to fulfill their fitness objectives. If you are looking for a way to lose weight and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, joining a community like Innervate Crossfit, might just be your cup of tea.

The good news for families is that Crossfit is not just for adults, but they have fun programs for children as well. We were recently invited by our friends to join a Crossfit Kids program, where the kids were encouraged to develop their physical and cognitive abilities.

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Centrally located along Bendemeer Road, the Innervate gym has all the equipment needed for Crossfit enthusiasts. In the specially catered programs just for kid, the instructors planned each activity to engage the young ones. Focusing on games and the basics of functional movement, kids go through a series of games to improve on their fitness, and learn about fair play through interaction with their peers. The program will also focus on the character development of the child, ensuring that the right habits are being formed at this crucial stage of life.

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My kids loved the class, as they were made to exercise through play. They definitely had a good workout without realizing that they were being put through their paces.

We have never been to a crossfit class before, and we had a chance to watch the adults at work after the kids class. Crossfit is certainly different from going to the gym, as in a gym, everyone is just focused on their weights. Here, everyone knows each other, and the community encourages each other to push through the pain barrier to achieve new heights. Visiting the gym was certainly an eye opener for us! 🙂

If you are thinking of experiencing Crossfit fitness for yourself, visit contact Innervate and pop by for a class! They even have a program for seniors, so you are never too old to start! 🙂


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