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The outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has closed schools in Korea and Singapore has been reminded to stay vigilant. In order to protect themselves, health care workers must be prepared to don protective equipment such as an N95 mask. However, with most N95 masks being huge, hot, cumbersome and totally uncomfortable, no normal citizen is looking to wear a mask in the event of an outbreak.

This is the same scenario whenever we face the haze problem. With dirty air, normal daily activities is a problem. I remember walking onto the streets. and not just irritated by the poor air quality, but also irritated with the mask that I was wearing. Introducing the New AIR+ Smart Mask, which aims to make life easier,  for all Singaporeans
AIR+ Smart Mask for the family

Created by ST Engineering’s subsidiary Innosparks, the AIR+ Smart Mask, is a new protective mask that includes a micro ventilator (the AIR+), which protects mask wearers against airborne contaminants. Protective masks today usually come in one standard size. I remember my N95 mask nearly covering my whole face, and terribly uncomfortable for the kids. This makes wearers, vulnerable to airborne contaminants such as the transboundary haze, pathogens and even occupational pollutants which leaks in through the gaps between the mask and the face. The AIR+ Smart mask is N95 certified, and comes in 3 sizes, providing better seal protection for all ages including children and the elderly, as well as frontline workers who have to wear masks for prolonged periods in exposed areas.

Here are some of the great benefits of the AIR+ Smart Mask:

1) Different Sizes

Built by Asians for Asians, the engineers have designed a mask with 3 sizes, and more fitting for a wider range of face profiles. When you choose a AIR+ Smart Mask, you can opt for a small, medium or large mask! Together with nose cushions, and adjustable headstraps, the mask will achieve a close facial fit for well-sealed protection and maximised comfort.

air smart mask

For users who want to be precise and clueless about your sizing, the engineers have also designed a measurement gauge to help you make your choice.

I think the sizing factor is such an important issue. Recently, when the kids went to the hospital and they had to put on a normal mask. My daughter was in all smiles for the first few minutes, but after a while, she was an irritable patient, and all 3 kids wanted to get rid of their oversized masks.

wearing mask

2)  Micro ventilator (AIR+) to improve effectiveness of the Smart Mask

Wearing a standard mask for prolonged periods of time is actually harmful. as the carbon dioxide buildup exceeds healthy levels.  These increased levels lead to headaches, breathing difficulty, changes in visual performance, decreased reasoning and alertness, and increased irritability.

Together with the increased buildup, users feel uncomfortable wearing their mask.  This issue is firmly addressed with the micro ventilator.

air ventilator

The micro ventilator is lightweight and battery-rechargeable, and eliminates the unpleasant build-up of heat, moisture and carbon dioxide inside a conventional mask after prolonged use. Users will feel cool despite wearing the mask! 🙂

AIR+ Micro Ventilator 3

Most of us, want to wear a mask when the air quality is bad. However, many of us don’t do it, as it is just uncomfortable. When the micro ventilator (the AIR+) is used in combination with the Smart Mask, one is able to reduce the relative humidity inside the face mask by up to 40% and reduce temperature by up to 4°C. Sounds more comfortable already! 🙂

(The AIR+ Micro Ventilator is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.)

So the litmus test for me, is to try the mask out myself!

Wearing the mask was easy, and with the flick of the switch, the AIR+ Micro Ventilator was turned on! Although there is a slight “Purring” sound when the ventilator was in operation, I could immediately feel the effects of the little module.  Wearing the mask for the next 10 minutes, I did not feel the heat associated with wearing a mask. I could feel the fresh air, as the air within me was circulated and reduced humility!

n95 new generation

Thumbs up to this little creation! The next time the haze hits town, I am taking out this little gizmo! 🙂

AIR+Smart Mask Overview


3) Is the Mask Child Friendly?

The Smart Mask is designed for almost everyone, including children as young as 7 years old. It comes in three sizes, and the smallest size is suitable for face sizes of children 7 years or older.

Other helpful Benefits: 

The Smart Mask can be used for up to 8 continuous hours. Actual duration is dependent on how polluted the environment is, and the Smart Mask should be replaced when you find it hard to breathe.

Currently, the AIR Smart Mask is available at all Watsons outlets around Singapore For a 3 Piece Mask pack ($7.20) and for a mask with a AIR+ Micro Ventilator  ($29.90).

Do stock early for the haze, as I am sure that these masks will be very much in demand, if there is an outbreak or when the haze starts. To find out more about the Air Smart mask, you can visit and enquiries can be made at

Do watch the video below to find out more about the AIR Smart Mask

(Disclaimer: This post is an advertorial, but all opinions are 100% our own)

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