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Hurray! The June Holidays are coming, and it means no more 6am alarm clocks! Smile Besides the sleeping in, families are looking for the perfect vacation for the kids. Look no further! At just 55 mins away by Ferry, Club Med Bintan is that Premium Holiday which brings you closer to Paradise.

club med holiday 2

Founded in France and with over 80 resorts all around the world, Club Med is the original ALL INCLUSIVE Resort. This means that everything is paid for when you go to Club Med! Expect All you can Buffets, Wines and Liquors, and Activities! For food loving Singaporeans, the Free Flow Of International delicacies certainly sounds heavenly! Smile This was definitely a trip that we were looking to, especially since we had such great memories of Club Med Bali.

club med bintan

If you are considering of going to any Club Med, let me give you a brief virtual overview of what to expect!

Upon checking in, the 1st step is naturally the Hotel Rooms.

Although not in the newest of conditions, the hotel rooms are well-sized with all the basic amenities. Don’t expect any drinks or snacks in the rooms, as the Club, would want you to go out and enjoy the activities and facilities lined up for every guest.

club med bintan rooms

clud med rooms

club med view

As Club Med Bintan is primarily a beach resort, expect great views to greet you every morning. If you want a dark tan from your holidays, this is the place.

For all the foodies out there, one will not be disappointed with the food spread at Club Med. There is food available round the clock till about 10pm. This is the place where your dieting plans are thrown out of the window, as there is abundant food for all guests. You can even devour a Steak at 4pm, and still go for a full course Dinner at 6pm. Sounds good right! Smile

Club med dining

club med bbq

The kids will always be happy with the food, as there are children’s meals being served to the kids. With unlimited nuggets, fries and spaghetti, this is the holiday that your kids will love. Club Med also supplies baby food for your young ones, making this an All-Inclusive Resort catered for the whole family. Not surprisingly, Club Med Bintan has recently been named the Best Resort  Families in Asia by Trip Advisor.

club med baby

Club med breakfast

club med buffet

Family members who love to drink, will be happy to know that Wines, Liquors and beers and available at No additional Charge. We don’t normally drink, but we loved the various cocktails there were served at the bar. The children won’t feel left out as well.

Mocktails are available for the kids, which are mainly drinks made up of various juices and syrups. Nathan loved the drink “Refresh”, while Nicole loved the drink “Smile!”, while Nadine loved her “Chocolate Milkshake!”

drinks club med

Besides the food, the Real Selling Point behind Club Med are the activities. This is the place where you can feel confident to eat, as there are so many sports to burn up those calories.

First off, the family can conquer their fears by auditioning to be part of the Circus. The kids tried out the tightrope and the trapeze. This was really scary for the kids, as their fear for heights was put to the test. Nicole was the bravest as she went for the trapeze twice! Smile

club med tightrope

club med kids

club med trapeze

There are sessions for the kids and for the family. Daddy did the trapeze in Club Med Bali and it was definitely quite an experience. I am so glad that the kids stepped up to the challenge. Nicole had “butterflies” but she boldly followed through with her feat.

Club med obstacles

club med stunts

For Fitness Fanatics, there were “Boot Camp” workouts, Aqua Aerobics and other physical activities to keep one occupied. After the first day, I went back to the room with muscle aches…That certainly helped in making me less guilty when I hit the buffet table Smile

club med aerobics

club med fun

We love the life and Activities that can be found at Club Med. Was so glad that Nikon supplied us with their cameras to capture the moments as well. Photos taken today are with the Nikon D610 Full Frame DSLR and the all weather, waterproof and shockproof Nikon AW120. Love the fact that we can go underwater to capture the moments! Smile

These are the other activities that we tried out:

Club med sea sports


One of Nathan’s Favourite activities was the archery range. It must be a boy thing, as he loved being Robin Hood, and taking aim at the targets.

It was also a “first” for Daddy! I have never played soccer with my boy before, and this was the First Time, I had a “kick around” with my boy. Soccer games are at 5pm everyday, and I was not the only Dad having a game with his son. Memorable! Smile

club med soccer

club med yoga

The Night does not end early at Club Med. Every night, Club Med offers a performance to entertain the whole family. One the first night, we were entertained by a Tribute to Michael Jackson. I must say that the “G.O”s (Gentle Organisers) can really dance, and it was amazing to see them bring the moves of  “The king of Pop” to life!

club med performance

Club Med michael jackson

On the 2nd night, the level of difficulty was brought up a notch. We were entertained by the Club Med Circus Team! Guests had a BBQ dinner prepared for them around the poolside, and the Circus performers captivated the crowd around the pool with their stunts. And all of this ended, with a fireworks display as a grand finale!

club med circus

club med pool circus

club med fireworks

Besides the performances, there were also activities like a Family Trivia Pursuit to keep the whole family entertained till bed time.

club med games

Doesn’t the line-up of activities sound fantastic! Smile

Wait…there is more! As there are even MORE family activities lined up at Club Med Bintan.

From June 5-8, Club Med Bintan has a family festival that is packed with additional activities to make their school holidays EXTRA Special. The line-up sounds fantastic and we definitely are wishing that we can be at Club Med on that weekend as well! Just to whet your appetite, this is the line-up for that weekend (Do take note, that these vendors will only be there on June 5-8):

  • Rainbow Child Yoga – Families can go for Yoga Classes together, as they relax and stretch themselves with these Yoga exercises.
  • Soccer Clinic – Get into the Samba Mood with Steven Tan! Singapore’s Ex-National Player Steven Tan will be there to conduct a Soccer Clinic. Under his expert tutelage, expect your children to build agility, skill and speed! My Boy would love this! Smile
  • Mosaic Art Classes – Parent and Child class where participants are encouraged to create mosaic murals which make beautiful souvenirs for the family to take home.
  • Eco Art and Craft – Think out of the Box, as you help to educate your child about recycling. An excellent opportunity for parent and child to build teamwork and play a part in each other’s creative process.
  • Batik Painting – Parent and Child will get to pick up the Javanese art of batik painting, which will be a wonderful memento of all things Indonesia.
  • Ice Cream Making – A Hot Favourite with any Kid! Children get to make their favourite dessert and with their own special flavours! Need I say more! Smile
  • Kids Performing – Let the kids build their confidence, as kids will be given opportunities to dance and develop their vocal skills under the watchful eyes of a professional school.
  • K-Pop Dance Taught by Nurul who is a dance trainer for Korean Pop,  Parents can enjoy a fun filled workshop with their kids, jiving to the latest moves from Korea.

For that weekend, Prices start from $875 per adult and $557 per child. For more details Call 1800-CLUBMED (258 2633) or visit Club Med.

If you are not available on the June 5-8 Weekend, you can make use of other Club Med Promotions. Kids under 12yo get to travel for FREE with their parents. Book a 4D 3N package and travel by Oct 2014. Do visit the Club Med website for all the details!

Meanwhile, if you are still thinking of Club Med. This is how much my boy enjoys life at Club Med! Need I say more! Smile

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