Things to do at Club Med

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Some people think that Club Med has only activities for the young and trendy…


In fact, I used to think of Club Med as a singles club, where single people meet. Well, to a certain extent, this is true!

Club Med still has Discos on the resort where you can party till 2am. Coupled with a relaxing romantic atmosphere, this is an ideal place for newly-weds!


However, besides catering to teenagers and to the “swinging singles”, Club Med has night activities for the family as well.

For example, during our brief 3 Nights stay at Club Med, we experienced:

1) The Circus

circus club med

2) Pirates Performance by the Children of the Hotel Guests

This was one of the activities where parents and kids enjoyed tremendously. It was also really fun watching the kids perform, and many proud parents were busy “snapping away”, as they watched their little ones perform!




3) A Cultural Show





To tell you the truth, I am not too much into the Cultural Dance Scene. But I thought that Club Med added a great touch to the festivities by bringing the Cultural Dance into the resort. This means that tourists do not need to go off the resort to soak in the Indonesian Culture. A real thumbs up to Club Med! 🙂

4) Fire Show

fire show

Native Balinese danced around with hula hoops set on fire. A real eye-opener for the kids, and great pool-side entertainment.

5) Family Carnival

carnvial at club med

The games at the carnival were really simple, but full marks to the staff for trying to make the games as fun as possible… And if you win a lucky draw prize, you get 10% off your Hotel Bill! Sounds like a great deal to me! 🙂

Overall, I genuinely believe that Club Med is great value for the whole family. Although it is on the more “pricey” side, the resort can turn out to be a real bargain, when you purchase your holiday, with their 1 for 1 specials.

Best of all, you can still get supper all the way to 1130pm, at no additional cost. This is one resort where you will not lose weight!


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