Positive Parenting: Hopefully…

Nathan has been going to Julia Gabriel for the last 6 months, and recently, he just finished his term. We have been deciding on whether we should send the kids to baby school, and we felt that we were going to make this semester his last!

Well, on the last day…besides the shorter lesson…there was a party as well.

Nathan was really brave and decided to become a Tiger!


The Julia Gabriel Chinese teacher was really good at her artwork…and Daddy thought he looked Really “FIERCE” when I first saw him as well!


Actually, our little boy is a little bit of a cowardly “lion” and we hope that he will become braver, when he joins Nicole in school in 2009.

Btw, we tried 2 Julia Gabriel centres in Singapore (Evans Road and Forum Galleria) and in terms of facilities – Evans Road is much better, as they have an outdoor playground and water play. But, Forum Galleria has better teachers, and previously, Nathan had this teacher called Gerri! She is really good and very entertaining!

School is really expensive…and hopefully, the exposure will do him good!

We will see the answers in a few years time!

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