Decreasing Divorce Rates

Divorce rates are on the rise, and there is a greater need to build stronger families. We need to start focusing on the family, so that we can see decreasing divorce rates nationwide.

On a recent trip to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), something really struck me.

It was early in the morning, and I was having breakfast with some friends in a cafe. Looking across me, I noticed a family having their breakfast there as well.


They were having their Sunday Family Ritual – Breakfast with their morning papers and a DVD playing their child’s favorite cartoon (So that she will be distracted).

Throughout the whole meal, not a single word was uttered, but they seemed to be in a little world of their own.

It struck me that – Quality time is very different for every family.

I tend to believe, that just being together is not enough, but intelligent, engaging conversation is needed. Spending time with my kids, means playing hide-and-seek or just bringing them somewhere new.

Whenever, I have the privilege to drive my boss (Ps Kong Hee), I am always amazed by his work ethic. He is always on the move and planning something new. Yet, despite his busyness, he always  finds time to call his wife SUN on the phone.

After preaching in Singapore every weekend, he is on the next plane out and off to spend time with his wife and children.

If a successful minister does not forego family time, how much more so for someone like me.

Before I go, If u like Korean Dramas, u will like this commercial. A bit long, but very touching.

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