Children’s Fairy Tale

Mummy blogs… (Part 1)

How many of you remember your Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales?

As a parent of 3 pre-schoolers, I’ve to tell stories, sing songs and recite nursery rhymes often.

On good days, I’ve the luxury of having a book to rely on. That’s when I can confidently role play, change my voice, do silly actions and make strange faces to illustrate my point. (think of the BIG BAD wolf speaking in a low rumbly voice, and how Humpty Dumpty’s face would look like when he fell!)


But woe to me, if I’ve to do any of the above when I don’t have the book with me. You see, I’m not so sure of all the stories! I do know the basic story line. Alas, the actual words, or the actual ending? hmmm…like what ever happened to the wolf in the 3 little Pigs?

Here’s my struggles. This is Part 1—Fairy Tales:

1. Red Riding Hood

There was a little girl, (who wore red, had a red hood, red dress, blah blah blah). She went to visit her grandma who lived in the woods. When she reached the house, grandma was replaced by the wolf.


Sigh… that’s when I realised I forgot to tell the part about her meeting the wolf on her way there. So I back track. Then, I got stuck, when did they meet? How did the woodcutter (or was it a hunter) come into the picture?

Ohhh! and was grandma eaten up? Or was she tied up in the cupboard? And how did it end? did the wolf die? or it ran away?

2. Three Little Pigs

There were once three little pigs who each built a house (one straw, one wood, one bricks… blah blah blah)


I thought this was an easy story. But I found it rather incredulous that each pig had enough time to RUN to the next house while the wolf blew the house down.

Then came the ending. The pigs boiled a big cauldron of water, and wolf fell in from the roof. And then??

Nicole said, the pigs ate the wolf. Some friends told me the wolf screamed in pain and ran away. Some said that’s it, the end. So what happened?!?

3. Beauty & the Beast


Long ago, there was a girl who… uh oh… why did she go to the Beast’s house?

Oh yes, her daddy went there. erm.. but why?

Anyway, she went there and the Beast didn’t let her go (can’t remember why?!?!) and she made friends with the pots and pans and forks and spoons. (Cue for me to sing Shall We Dance here).

And her daddy (now back at home?!) was sick, so she left. Then the Beast got sick, and she went back, and they kissed and they lived happily ever after.

Gee what a terrible memory I have! I hope all of you have a better idea of these fairy tales! I’ve not dared to tell The Shoemaker and the Elves, Rumplestilskin, Princess & the Pea etc…

Tune in for Part 2 of my struggles—Nursery Rhymes!

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