Child Development Milestones

Nicole has just crossed a milestone! 🙂 We set some child development milestones for our children, and it has been encouraging to see the progress in our kids.

Milestones are important in the children’s lives, and recently our oldest girl  crossed one. The most recent Milestone was crossed by 1 year old Nadine.

Singapore is filled with food courts, and our 4 year old suddenly had the courage to order food by herself.

It’s a little complicated over here in Asia, as most of the hawkers speak a local dialect or would rather converse in Mandarin.

economic rice 2

On that fateful day, we armed Nicole with $5 and she willingly went up to the Hawker to order her own food! (We were so proud of her! Even Grandpa who was there, was smiling in approval!)

Well, she ordered “economic rice” (rice with dishes), and this is what she ordered:

economic rice 1

Mum is extremely happy with the order. She says it is all “greens”, and very healthy!

Daddy did not even realize this revelation, until she pointed it out!


Parenting Tip – Do record your children’s milestones, as they make great reading, and also subtle reminders about how far they have gone!


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