Show and Tell for Toddlers

“Show and Tell” did not exist when I was in kindergarten. However, preschool education has changed, and today there is Show and Tell for toddlers.

In fact, I only heard about it through books and movies. Due to the Singapore Education System getting more and more westernised, it is not surprising that thus phenomenon has been introduced to my children.

Nicole experienced “Show & Tell” last year, and we were just talking about it….

The topic was fruits, and the children were expected to bring their favourite fruits to school.

fruit basket One of Nicole’s favourite fruits are Oranges, so we would have safely “wagered” that Nicole would have suggested bringing an orange to school.

However, just the week before, Nicole started eating watermelons….and as fate would have it…

Nicole wanted to bring a Watermelon to school!

Mummy tried her best to psycho Nic out of it…but little Nicole decided to put her foot down! (What a time to decide that she wanted a backbone!)

Well…On that Monday, Mummy went to the market and bought Nicole a watermelon, and they both brought it to school.

Nicole’s teacher was so surprised….as she expected to see apples and oranges (like every normal parent)….but Nicole brought a watermelon!


Mummy said it was so heavy…that it probably weighs 10kg-20kg! 🙂

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