My Car has a Children’s Cup Holder

Recently, I was reminded how things change when you become a parent. Most car dashboards have a cup holder for drinks. It’s really handy as normally I will put my drinks there. However, things have changed. My car has a children’s cup holder!


This is a picture of the dashboard of my Toyota Wish.

I am used to driving my car and having my favourite can of Coke Light or Red Bull in the Cup Holder. In fact, the cup holder found in the lower half of the picture, is the resting place for all my beverages.

Things have been like that since I got my 1st car…


Nicole loves to sit in front!

Whenever I pick her up from school, she is always asking to sit in front.

Being the nice father that I am :), she gets to come to the front…however there are consequences to that decision!


I have lost all controlling interest of my cup holder!

Now…My cup holder is occupied by a PINK DORA WATER BOTTLE!!!

My coke bottle has been relegated to the back seat and DORA seems to have won the day!

First…You change your car…now you lose the essentials 🙂

To all Male Drivers – BE PREPARED!!!

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