Boy and Guitar

A Boy and his Guitar are one of the norms in my family. We love music and we are glad that Nathan really loves his Guitar!

Every morning, he will get us to turn on the DVD player, and he will put in the church DVD.

As the music starts, he will take out his violin, and pretend it’s a guitar, and Sing “Breakaway…” along with the DVD.

nathan guitar

Besides being in love with his guitar, he also makes use of Daddy’s guitar rack as well.

Just recently, as I picked up my guitar for some practice, the guitar rack was empty.

Little Nathan jumped at the “OPPORTUNITY!”

He quickly put his violin in the rack and smiled at me!!!

guitar  I hope the picture fully explains what I mean!

Before I go, check out the video of Nathan the worship leader!!!

He leads with hands in the air, and even gets his sisters to sing along! 😛




Btw, this is also my 1st project using Windows Movie Maker…it’s really very simple to use!

And don’t forget to VOTE for the Canon Ixus 95, if u have not done so!!!

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