Yona Yona Penguin

Last Saturday, the kids had the privilege to go to Jurong Bird Park for a special preview of Yona Yona Penguin. Tickets were kindly sponsored by OMY.sg  and many thanks once again to the OMY  team for selecting us! 🙂


Making its debut in Singapore, this animated film is by Japanese Anime Studio Madhouse.

Directed by Japanese animator Rintaro, director of Metropolis, Yona Yona Penguin is a Japanese animated movie with English subtitles about the amazing adventures of Coco, a small girl with a penguin coat, as she journeys through a world of fantasy and magic to save her friends from the Emperor of the Dark.

What’s fun about this event is that it was screened outdoors at the Pools Amphitheatre and it was a special one-evening only preview.

Jurong Bird Parl

Nicole was all excited about her outing to the Bird Park. Previously when we were here, it was also for an OMY’s event, when we won a Canon Camera and Canon Selphy Photo Printer. (Check out the contest entry here)

The excitement rubbed off on Nadine as well, and the 2 girls were all giggly as they entered the park with their tickets.


The Park’s Amphitheatre was crowded by the time we got in, as many families were there with their Potato Chips and Burgers and having a quick bite before the movie started.

The whole outdoor ambience actually reminded me of my younger days, when Dad and Mum brought me to the Jurong Drive-In Cinema, except that this time, we were not in our cars. It felt “rustic” but certainly a different experience for the kids and the parents.

We sat near the projectors, so that the kids could catch a glimpse of these big machines working.


At 745pm, the show started promptly and the projectionist got the machines into action!


Sorry, but got no pictures of the movie, as we were not allowed to take any pictures when the show started.

Synopsis: The show is about Coco. A rather adorable and fearless child, Coco lives alone with her mother not soon after the death of her father. Being a young girl in love with Penguins,  Coco spends many a night frolicking through the streets wearing her favorite outfit — a penguin costume — trusting that one night she might magically take flight to see her late father again. Critics will says that Coco’s youthful naivete is the film’s centerpiece.

The movie lasted for 88 mins, and the girls were ready to go home after the event.

Thanks once again to OMY, for making it a special Saturday for the family.

Btw, today was an ALL Girl’s event for the family.

Nathan got a virus, and he was at home resting with Popo.

But Daddy was happy to be surrounded by all his favourite women in the world!

daddy and kids

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