Driving Trip to Malacca

The kids were excited! We were going as a family on our 1st road trip to Malacca.

We were all packed into our little Toyota Wish and were ready for the drive up to Malaysia. Setting off at about 11am, and we reach Malacca at 130pm.

Upon reaching Malacca, we were very hungry, and the kids were excited about trying out the Chicken Rice Balls that are served in Malacca.

rice balls in malacca

Rice in Singapore and in most parts of Asia is just served in a bowl practically.

However, Malacca is filled with shops that serve Chicken Rice Balls, instead of the normal manner. You can see the difference in the rice served by checking out my earlier post on a recommended chicken rice stall in Singapore.

The thing that I like about this restaurant is that it is air-conditioned and behind the Hotel Renaissance Melaka (This was a hotel that I stayed in previously). This made it easy for me to find my way there.

DSC_0018  DSC_0010









We ordered roasted chicken and steamed chicken, just to see which was better.

However, we were disappointed with the chicken, as it was rather “boney” and “dry”.

The rice balls were a hit with Nathan, as he has been a bit fussy with his food lately. He had only been eating fish balls at meal time…and therefore when he saw the rice balls, he instantly took a liking for them.


Daddy’s thoughts about the food?

I think the rice balls are a bit over rated! There were quite dry, and u had to break them up to add with the rice. Normal chicken rice seems to be more fragrant. DSC_0055

Malacca seems to be filled with these chicken rice stalls at the moment, and the original hawker who sells the rice balls, still sells them in a dingy little coffee shop near Jonker Street.

Parenting Advice:

I might not bring the kids to the original stall, as the coffee shop is a bit cramp, especially when i have 3 kids and a stroller to worry about.  DSC_0048



However, Chicken Rice Balls are a must-try when you go to Malacca. It’s just like when you go to New York, U have got to go up the Empire State building, regardless of what u hear about it!

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