Mad Science Party

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Yes! It’s the time of the year again for Nathan’s Birthday and this year, it was extra special for him, as he had his 1st theme party!

Previously, Nicole had Theme Party’s like “Traffic Light Party” and “Milo Party”, and we were never the type to settle for anything ordinary. And in the same way, if you are tired of the normal Magic Show, you might want to try having a “Mad Science” Party.

Childrens Party

All the Kids love parties, and they could not wait to enter the Party room, as soon as the Mad Science Crew arrived.  Check out the excitement in Nathan’s eyes, as he waited for the party to start!

Mad Science is the world’s leading fun science enrichment program which provides in-school workshops, science days, corporate events, school holiday camps and birthday parties. Through their innovative experiments, kids get to discover science in a really fun way.

Children science experiment

Fire experiment

We chose the “Icky Gooey Bubbly” theme for Nathan’s Party, and through it he discovered the effects of alcohol on fire, the power of carbon dioxide and dry ice bubbles!

Mad Science has many different themes on offer if you are thinking of having a Birthday Party. Besides the “Icky Gooey Bubbly” theme, there are other themes like “Dinosaurs” and “Air Blast”.

mad scientist

Mad excitement

carbon dioxide

Mad science kids

The kids’ eyes just opened in delight as they saw the chemical reactions that happened right in front of their eyes.  A BIG Plus point of every experiment is that they got to play with the foam and the bubbles created by the chemical reactions.

A BIG  highlight of the Party were the Dry Ice Balloons that was created by the Mad Scientist.  Check out their curious excitement, as they saw the bubbles being formed in front of them!


balloons 2

mad balloon

The experiments really spark imaginative learning and provides a truly spectacular and unique experience for the children.

Besides the fun tattoos, the kids also get to experiment with making their own Mad Science Slime, which they get to take home!



With 20 years of experience behind them, Mad Science created an atmosphere of fun, while showing how science can affect our environment.

mad science nathan

Here’s the Happy Birthday Boy with his “Goody Bag” and no party will be complete without his Birthday Cake!

birthday boy

Once again, many thanks to Mad Science for making Nathan’s day extra special. You can find out more about their programs and birthday parties over here.

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