Planning for a 4 year old Birthday Party

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Nicole is turning FOUR on 19 June!

The first thing that crossed my mind was the PARTY. How should we do it? Where should it be? And most important….how much are we going to spend??

With three kids, I learnt from other mummies that it would be really quite a challenge to do BIG celebrations for EACH kid EVERY year!

Well, in 2009, Nathan had his big-scale party, so Nicole would have to contend with having a simple party in school!

What I didn’t know was planning for this *small-scale* party is a MOE approved module in Parenting 101!

Lesson 1 – Never ask a Preschooler to make a decision

Lesson 2 – Never reinforce a decision that a Preschooler made


Since 1 June 2009

Mummy: Nicole, what’s your favourite colour?

Nicole: PURPLE! I like purple!

Mummy: Should we have a Purple Party? We buy purple plates, purple serviettes , purple balloons, and we ask all your friends to wear purple! So nice right?

Nicole: YEAH! I like a purple party!

On 8 June 2009

Mummy: Let’s go and buy the purple party things today. And we have to buy the purple invitation cards. Yeah!

Nicole: I don’t like purple.

Mummy: But… You said you liked purple.

Nicole: NOOOOOOO…. I don’t like purple!


Since 1 June 2008

Mummy: What food would you want to have at your party?

Nicole: McDonald’s!

Mummy: Sorry Darling, Mummy has ordered food for the party. We have McDonald’s for your party next year ok?

Nicole: Yeah! Next Year! Yeah!

On 1 June 2009

Mummy: Shall we order McDonald’s for your party this year?

Nicole: NOOO! Everyone has McDonald’s. So boring. I don’t want McDonald’s.

Mummy: ?!??! So what do you want then?

Nicole: Let’s serve sandwiches and potato chips.

Mummy: (to herself) Wah! so atas!

On 8 June 2009

Mummy: I’ll order three different kids of sandwiches ok?

Nicole: NOOO! I want McDonald’s.

Mummy: AHHHHHH!!!


Solution to Scenario A

Mummy: So what’s your favourite colour then?

Nicole: Green! Red! Yellow!

Mummy: Huh? That’s the colours of the traffic light

Nicole: YEAH!!! Let’s have a Traffic Light Party!!!

Mummy: (to herself) AHHHH!!! Help! What is a traffic light party?!?!?

Sigh… so I stopped talking about the party, (just in case the little missy changes her mind again), cracked my head to think how to execute a Traffic Light Party. Check out what we have thus far:

prep work 1




So there you have it: the invitations for Nicole’s Traffic Light Party. She can’t change her favourite colours anymore, cos we gave out the invites! haha…

Now I’ve to figure out what food to serve and what on earth happens at a Traffic Light Party!!

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