Work Life Balance

As a father of 3, I am regularly asked the question “Where do I find the time?”

The questions increase when they find out that I have a blog, and they wonder where do I find the time to blog, on top of my working and family time?

Granted that I only picked up blogging a few years ago, blogging was not exactly in my blood. Coupled with the fact that having 3 kids is quite a sizeable number in “Baby-shy” Singapore, many people always ask how we cope?

Well, the #1 advice that I always give to family and friends, is don’t forget “ME” time!

As working professionals, we spend a good time of our day in the office. On average, a Singaporean spends at least 9 hours or more at the office, and when we get home, we are tired. However, upon reaching the house, we are faced with another set of problems. From office politics, we find ourselves burdened with family politics. We are transformed into “Sergeant Majors” who make sure that vegetables are eaten, to Professional Umpires who settle important playground disputes. The day seems to get longer and longer, and when it’s time to sit on your favourite sofa, it’s time to go to bed.

Inevitably, couples don’t have much time to do anything together, and one can forget about “dating” your partner.

fruits children

So what is my solution?

The best life-saver that I have found in my 8 years of Parenting is…

1. Get the kids to sleep early!

Sleep is not just essential for the children’s development, but for your development as well! Yes! When the kids are asleep, that is when you will find the peace in the house to not just have some “ME” time, but also time for yourself to catch up with your partner.

I used to think that it is nice for the kids to wake up for Daddy and Mummy, so that when the parents come home, we can get to spend some time with the kids.  However, Staying awake past 9pm is not just unhealthy for the children’s development, but in terms of lifestyle, it is definitely not a healthy lifestyle for the kids to cultivate.

Furthermore, two wrongs don’t make a right. The problem of working long hours is a problem…and making the kids stay up late to make up for our indiscretions seems counter productive. Instead, we are the solution to our own problems!  We should be thinking and making decisions that will bring us home earlier.

When the kids sleep early, not only has Daddy and Mummy time to do their own things, but a chance to unwind and do their own things. With that extra amount of time, you will find the time to develop a healthy lifestyle, and time to bring your partner out for a movie date as well! After all, you do want to be able to have the ability to enjoy your grandchildren in the years to come Winking smile

Yes! And because the kids sleep early, that is where I can find the time to blog and catch up with the English Premier League as well!

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