Canon Ixus 95 & Canon Selphy 780

We were so EXCITED!!!

As one of the selected Bloggers in a promotion organised by Canon Singapore and, the whole family went on a trip to Jurong Bird Park with our favorite Canon Camera.

This was the first time the kids were stepping into the Bird Park, and they were looking forward to the BIG DAY!

We assembled at the Bird Park at 2pm on a really bright and sunny day. Our spirits were not dampened by the heat, as the whole family was there in full force, with Grandma as well!

Nicole made the best of the heat, with the help of Grandma’s brolly..

Hot Day

There were many NEW things to explore at the park, but there was one gadget that really IMPRESSED both Daddy and Nicole!

Our kind friends from Canon Singapore has kindly given us the chance to try out the latest Canon Ixus 95. (In fact, all the photos taken here, are from the this latest point and shoot canon camera) I was really thrilled to be given this opportunity, as I also currently own a Canon Ixus 65. I was definitely looking forward to trying out the latest little gizmo that Canon was offering. I heard that it was the most INTELLIGENT camera around!

Nicole loved playing with the camera. It was in Bright Pink, handy sized and really light! It was a hit with the kids and with Daddy, as it fitted snugly into my front jeans pocket! 🙂


Nicole had no problems using it. The camera has a large 2.5 inch High Resolution LCD monitor which makes the camera so simple to use…Just Press and Shoot!


For me, I felt the best thing about the Canon Ixus 95 is its Smart Auto Mode.

ixus with auto mode

Smart Auto Mode uses Canon’s latest Scene Detection Technology to determine the subject’s brightness, contrast and distance. I don’t have to select a Day or Night mode as the camera detects this automatically. (All the photos below show how INTELLIGENT the Canon Ixus 95 is!)

With a family of hyper-energetic kids, I could take excellent shots of them. The in-built Face Detection technology ensures that every face is in perfect focus, every time! Thumbs Up Canon!IMG_0250


break time

Look at how the Canon Ixus 95 capture outdoor shots!

bright parrotIMG_0166


See my hand? I took these shots myself! With the Canon Ixus 95’s 3x Zoom and Image Stabilizer, I managed to get closer to the birds than ever possible! (All these with ONE hand!)







And of course, we took pictures with Pinky the Penguin. Many of us were thrilled to come up close and personal with Pinky. In fact, this was the first time that Daddy gets to stand so close to a Penguin.

Without changing the AUTO setting, I took these shots in the dimly lit enclosure. Not bad, eh? Very good for parents who just want to POINT & SHOOT!


pinky the penguin

What is the perfect companion to the Canon Ixus 95?

Many times after a great outing, i leave the photos in my hard disk with the rest of my memories. Can you believe it? No hard copy photos of my family!

This is because I find it too much a hassle to send the pictures to a photo shop for printing.

However, Canon has come up with a great way to solve this problem.

One clever Canon invention that I got to try is the portable printer—Canon Selphy 780. This is definitely  a place where style meets substance!

selphy 780

The Canon Selphy 780 makes the Canon Ixus 95 complete. What’s more, it comes in Bright Pink as well! 😀

With printing cost as low as 30 cents a photo, I can print out my favourite photos in the comfort of my home. It even has the ability to print without a PC!

All I need to do is to insert my SD card, and use the inbuilt monitor to facilitate my printing!

Wait! There is more!!!

With its super friendly interface, I can modify my pictures by adding in picture frames…

selphy 1

and colourful captions to my photos as well!

selphy 2

And at the press of a button… the photos are printed!

canan easy to use

This is truly what every family needs!

Canon ixus 95

Well, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Bird Park, and we made many new friends as well.

Presenting to you…the six lucky Bloggers and their family members with the truly user-friendly Canon Ixus 95!

group photo










You guys really made our day!





great day yellow

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